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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Utilization of Functional Water for Plant Propagation

Hiroshi Tagata and Tadao Fujimori

pp: 643-644


Various functions of water have been studied at Akatsuka Orchid Co., Ltd. since 1984. The major focus of research was on functions of rare metals and minerals such as iron. Currently, selected tests are going on at our company's farm, private farms, and other companies. Cooperative research projects are also being conducted with several research institutions. The term and concept of "functional water" has been used since 1990s in Japan. Functional water is defined as "physically and chemically processed water that has additional functions, such as higher reactivity, probably due to structural changes of the water caused by pH change, reducing oxidation reduction potential, increasing surface activity, etc.". There are a number of different processes adding functions to water including; electrolysis, magnetism, far infrared, membranes, microorganisms, evaporation, resonance energy, electric fields, supersonic waves, ozone, minerals, and ceramics.

The process used at our

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