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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Linaria maroccana

D.J. Barcel

pp: 607-611

Linaria maroccana is a small and vigorous annual plant. It is sometimes referred to as toadflax or miniature snapdragon. The Fantasy series has several colors, such as, yellow, white, pink, blue, and rose. Some colors are more vigorous than the others. The goal was to discover if plant growth regulators (PGR) or their combinations could provide acceptable growth control and would produce a plant more proportional to the plant container. Materials used include: B-Nine (daminozide), Bonzi (paclobutrazol), Cycocel (chlormequat chloride), A-Rest (ancymidol), Florel (ethephon), or Sumagic (uniconazole). Tests were conducted for the 1997 and 1998 California Pack Trials. Plants were grown in 4-inch pots. Several materials exhibited acceptable growth control (B-Nine combined with Cycocel at 2500 + 1500 ppm, respectively). However, and more importantly, it was discovered that timing of the application in relationship to plant size is an important factor for obtaining desirable growth control; early treatments must be made when plants are 1½ inches tall.

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