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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

Influence of Early Harvest PGR on the Growth of Five Woody Ornamental Species

John M. Ruter

pp: 538


Decline of container-grown ornamentals during the hottest months of summer is a common problem for nurserymen throughout the United States. When roots are killed from prolonged exposure to supraoptimal root-zone temperatures, growth ceases and the production of naturally-occurring plant hormones also decreases. Supplemental application of plant hormones may be beneficial during stressful periods of plant growth in container nurseries.

Numerous biostimulants (non-nutritional growth enhancers) are available today and these products have been useful for decreasing summer decline in various coolseason turfgrasses. Claims made by companies producing plant biostimulants include enhanced root growth,improved stress tolerance, decreased senescence of plant tissue, improved tillering of grasses, increased nutrient translocation, ability to reduce pesticide applications, and improved efficient use of applied nutrients. Early Harvest PGR (Griffin LLC, Valdosta, GA) is a commercial

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