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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 50

The Basics of Plant Hybridization and Improvement

Dennis J. Werner

pp: 478-481


New ornamental plant cultivars can arise in any number of ways, including discovery and domestication of desirable plants found in the wild, identification and commercialization of superior seedlings obtained from seed collected off of garden-worthy plants, and rare shoot or bud sports arising on pre-existing cultivars. Additionally, many new cultivars of plants have arisen as a consequence of controlled hybridization between selected parents. Although successful development of new, improved plant cultivars by controlled hybridization is maximized if the hybridizer possesses a solid foundation in plant genetics, amateur plant breeders can and have had significant success in the development of new ornamental cultivars. In this presentation, some of the basic principles and techniques involved in plant hybridization and improvement will be discussed. This background will equip the amateur with the tools to initiate a simple plant breeding effort. The presentation will focus

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