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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 49                 (published in 1999)

The Importance and Domestication of South African Plants
Daan J. Botha
pp: 45-51 — See abstract

Plant Material Propagation: Catering for the Landscape Architect
Erika Van Den Berg
pp: 52-61 — See abstract

Effect of Two Temperature Regimes and Watering Frequency on the Growth of Lachenalia ‘Ronina’
E.S. du Toit, P.J. Robbertse and J.G. Niederwieser
pp: 62-67 — See abstract

Integrated Plant Disease Control
N. Labuschagne
pp: 68-71 — See abstract

Recycling of Water in a Seedling Nursery
Mike Kruger
pp: 72-74 — See abstract

A Germination Strategy for Seed of Verbena ×hybrida
A.C. Lubbe
pp: 75-81 — See abstract

Effect of Mycorrhiza on Plant Growth
A. Gaur and J.V. Van Greuning
pp: 82-88 — See abstract

The Propagation of Native Plants
Lawrie Metcalf
pp: 89-92 — See abstract

Taxus: Renewed Interest in this Genus and Implications for New Zealand
J.M. Follett and J.A. Douglas
pp: 93-95 — See abstract

Root Pruning Can Influence First Order Lateral Root Development of Containerised Plants
Warrick R. Nelson
pp: 96-102 — See abstract

A Review of the Propagation ofPinus radiata by Cuttings, with Emphasis on Juvenility
Michael B. Thomas and Mervyn I. Spurway
pp: 103-106 — See abstract

Labelling and Branding of Plant Material
Charlotte Webb
pp: 107-110 — See abstract

Preparing, Patience, and Persistence in Seed
Lindsay Hatch
pp: 111-112 — See abstract

Seed Treatment of New Zealand Sophora Species With Concentrated Sulphuric Acid To Hasten Germination
Eric J. Appleton
pp: 113 — See abstract

Seed Collection, Treatment, and Storage
Graham Milligan
pp: 114-115 — See abstract

Warrick Nelson, Nicola Rochester, Geoff Stent and Dave Lloyd
pp: 116 — See abstract

Don Currey, Jeff Elliot, Lee Gilbert, Richard Whisker and Jan Velvin
pp: 117-118 — See abstract

Measuring Copper Root-Pruning Effect
Warrick R. Nelson
pp: 119-123 — See abstract

Japanese Traditional Techniques of Plant Cultural Propagation
Shozo Watanabe
pp: 124 — See abstract

Jack Hobbs, Jeff Elliot, Dennis Hughes, Keith Hammeth and Terry Dowdeswell
pp: 125-128 — See abstract

The Plants of Macquarie Island: The Development of a Subantarctic Plant House
Mark H. Fountain, Natalie Papworth and Alan S. Macfadyen
pp: 129-132 — See abstract

Armillaria Control at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
David J. Bedford and Alan S. Macfadyen
pp: 133-138 — See abstract

The Role of Vegetative Propagation in CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products
Vic Hartney
pp: 139-144 — See abstract

The use of Beneficial Trichoderma in Grapevine Propagation
John Messina
pp: 145-148 — See abstract

Influence of IBA Concentration, Bottom Heat, and Medium on Propagation of Camellias
Peter Goodwin and C. Cowell
pp: 149-152 — See abstract

Steps in the Development of a New Nursery
Ian Ravenwood
pp: 153-156 — See abstract

Trends in Horticulture in the United Kingdom
John Rayner
pp: 157-160 — See abstract

Round Plants In Square Holes
Ian Tolley
pp: 161-162 — See abstract

ISO 9002 Revisited
Clive Larkman
pp: 163-166 — See abstract

Managing Perennial Stock Plants
Damian Kerin
pp: 167-170 — See abstract

Dianella tasmanica: Some Success
Rose Van Der Staay
pp: 171-172 — See abstract

Tasmanian Native Orchids: Their Propagation and Culture
James F. Smith
pp: 173-177 — See abstract

Propagation of Dicksonia antarctica
Tony Van Der Staay
pp: 178-179 — See abstract

Propagation of Apple Rootstocks by Tissue Culture
Belinda S. Hazell
pp: 180-183 — See abstract

Experience with Western Flower thrips in Tasmanian Glasshouses
Lionel Hill
pp: 184-185 — See abstract

Fog in Propagation: My Personal Experiences
Ian Newman
pp: 186 — See abstract

So, You Want to Be a Proper Gator?
Greg McPhee
pp: 187-189 — See abstract

What Makes a Weed a Weed?
Laurie Miller
pp: 190-194 — See abstract

Personnel Management in Practice
Annette Wickham
pp: 195-198 — See abstract

Managing Labour Requirements in Nursery Stock
Andrew Hewson
pp: 199-200 — See abstract

The Influence of Government on UK Nursery Stock Propagation and Production
George Noble
pp: 201-202 — See abstract

The Investors In People Standard
Tony Allman
pp: 203-205 — See abstract

Using Investors In People at Hillier Nurseries
Jean Savage
pp: 206-207 — See abstract

College-Based Training for the Nursery Stock Industry
Roger Bentley
pp: 208-210 — See abstract

Horticultural Study by Correspondence
Oliver N. Menhinick
pp: 211-213 — See abstract

From Employee to Employer: Experiences of Acquiring a Nursery Business
Agnes Harbour
pp: 214-216 — See abstract

The Use of Gang Labour for Nursery Stock Production at Darby Nursery Stock Ltd.
Alastair Hazell
pp: 217-220 — See abstract

Experiences With the Employment of Students From Other Countries
Alan Hargreaves
pp: 221-222 — See abstract

The Australian Experience of Propagator Training
Greg McPhee
pp: 223-224 — See abstract

Marketing Strategies for Small Specialist Growers
Brian Meredith
pp: 225-228 — See abstract

Experiences With Direct Sticking
Philip Moreau
pp: 229-234 — See abstract

Adrenalin Rush Through the Native Bush: A Mary Helliar Study Tour to New Zealand
Therese Landers
pp: 235-236 — See abstract

The Eden Project
Philip McMillan-Browse
pp: 237-239 — See abstract

Greetings and Introductions
Timothy Brotzman
pp: 247 — See abstract

Seed Dormancy in Commercial Vegetable and Flower Species
Robert L. Geneve
pp: 248-254 — See abstract

Seed Propagation of Acer diabolicum
Mark V. Coggeshall
pp: 255-258 — See abstract

Biological Remediation of Damping Off on Conifer Seedlings at Meadow Lake Nursery Company
Mic Armstrong
pp: 259-262 — See abstract

PennMulch Use for Seedbeds
Charles C. Flinn
pp: 263-264 — See abstract

Even for Perennials, Timing is Everything in Propagation
David J. Beattie
pp: 265-268 — See abstract

Propagating New Plants
Terri G. Poindexter
pp: 269 — See abstract

Using Old Stock Plants for New Research on Shading and Stooling
Brian Maynard and William Johnson
pp: 270-275 — See abstract

Chlorophyll Fluorescence as a Tool in Propagation
Sarah E. Bruce and Bradley Rowe
pp: 276-280 — See abstract

Alpine and Perennial Propagation Through the Year
Betty Ann Addison
pp: 281-283 — See abstract

A Lesson in Juvenility
Tom McCloud
pp: 284 — See abstract

How to Propagate and Grow on a Small Scale
Richard H. Munson
pp: 285-286 — See abstract

Blending Slow-release Fertilizers for Container Nursery Culture
Calvin Chong
pp: 287-292 — See abstract

Nitrogen Content of Kalmia Cuttings and How This Affects the Rooting Ability of Hardwood Cuttings
Barbara Kolnsberg and Martin Gent
pp: 293-296 — See abstract

Pot-in-Pot System: A Container-Grown-in-the-Ground Approach for Diverse Crops
Allen R. Fidler IV
pp: 297-299 — See abstract

A Dynamic Control System for Scheduling Mist Propagation in Poinsettia Cuttings
Robert Geneve, Richard Gates, Sergio Zolnier, James Owen and Sharon Kester
pp: 300-303 — See abstract

Affects of Container Size and Shape on the Rooting of Cuttings
Howard W. Barnes Jr
pp: 304-307 — See abstract

Liner Bed Production of Boxwood
Michael L. Byers
pp: 308 — See abstract

Winter Survival: Creative Ways of Protecting Plants in the Northeast
Mike Emmons
pp: 309-311 — See abstract

Making Tissue Culture Pay
Tom Pinney Jr
pp: 312 — See abstract

Two Ways to Crack the Nut — Aesculus parviflora
Alan M. Jones
pp: 313-317 — See abstract

Irrigation System Upgrades
Daniel R. Long
pp: 318-319 — See abstract

Propagating the Hardy Kiwis
Robert Osborne
pp: 320-321 — See abstract

Light Light Light
Daniel Kuczmarski
pp: 322-323 — See abstract

Propagation of Selected Perennials
Kenneth Roe
pp: 324 — See abstract

Propagation of French Hybrid Lilacs
Michael R. Price
pp: 325-326 — See abstract

The Educational System in Denmark
Uffe F. Jensen
pp: 327-328 — See abstract

N-6-Benzyladenine Increases Lateral Offshoots in a Number of Perennial Species
Stacy A. Martin and Shelton Singletary
pp: 329-334 — See abstract

Economical Low Pressure Fog System
Robert Kuszmaul
pp: 335-336 — See abstract

Developing New Woody Landscape Plants
Harold Pellett
pp: 337-339 — See abstract

Viburnums That Have Prospered at and Around the Arnold Arboretum and the Threat of the Viburnum Leaf Beetle
Tom Ward
pp: 340-343 — See abstract

New and Unusual Perennials at Bluebird Nursery
Rod R. Ackerman
pp: 344-345 — See abstract

New and Usual Conifer Cultivars
Jim Smith
pp: 346-349 — See abstract

New Plant Introductions from Bailey Nurseries
Debbie Lonnee
pp: 350-352 — See abstract

Jack Alexander
pp: 353-356 — See abstract

Ralph Shugert and Bruce Briggs
pp: 357-360 — See abstract

Micro-Positional Differences in Cutting Origin Influence Propagation of Quercus rubra
James J. Zaczek
pp: 361-368 — See abstract

Spent Mushroom Substrate as a Soil Amendment for Ornamental Plants
Charles W. Heuser Jr, E.J. Holcomb and Jay Young
pp: 369-371 — See abstract

Comparison of Propagation Mixes
Cathy Kowalczyk and Carolyn Mihalega
pp: 372 — See abstract

Cocount-Coir-Based Media Versus Peat-Based Media for Propagation of Woody Ornamentals
Jeffrey Stoven and Heather Kooima
pp: 373-374 — See abstract

Composting at Weston Nurseries
Jon Knight, Mike Mannero and Dana Baron
pp: 375 — See abstract

Six-row Perennial Planter
Paul Zelenka Jr
pp: 376 — See abstract

Plant Propagation Education — A Community College Approach
Normand Hotte
pp: 377-378 — See abstract

The Use of Second Generation Cuttings to Increase the Rooting and Quality of Micropropagated Elms
Deborah D. McCown
pp: 379-380 — See abstract

Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Amazing Grace’ a New Weeping Katsura Selection From Theodore Klein
Paul E. Cappiello
pp: 381 — See abstract

Hosta Propagation
Winston C. Dunwell
pp: 382-385 — See abstract

Evaluation of Root Exudate Production in Six Sorghum Accessions: Chemistry and Root Morphology Studies
M.A. Czarnota, C Bertin, L.A. Weston and R. Paul
pp: 386 — See abstract

Seed Vigor Testing Using Computer-aided Image Analysis
Robert Geneve, Kay Oakley, Sharon Kester and Patchara Wonprasaid
pp: 387-388 — See abstract

Use of Compressed Hardwood Sawdust Pellets as a Weed Control Mechanism for Container Plants
Howard W Barnes
pp: 389-390 — See abstract

Utilizing Insect Traps and IPM in Plant Propagation
Michael Kolaczewski
pp: 391-392 — See abstract

Many Uses for Polyproplene Fabric
Mic Armstrong
pp: 393 — See abstract

Monarda Mildew Resistance
Richard E. Bir and Richard Hawke
pp: 394-396 — See abstract

Nonchemical Alternatives for Container Weed Control
Calvin Chong and Peter Purvis
pp: 397-398 — See abstract

Forcing Environment Affects Epicormic Sprout Production from Branch Segments for Vegetative Propagation of Adult Hardwoods
J.W. Van Sambeek and John E. Preece
pp: 399-404 — See abstract

Bara Minerals
Göran Larson
pp: 405-407 — See abstract

Grodan — Properties and Use
Niels Holmenlund
pp: 408 — See abstract

Cocopor® a Cocofiber- and Peat-Based Soil Additive
Rainer Thomsen
pp: 409 — See abstract

Ralf Schilling
pp: 410-412 — See abstract

Growth Medium With Composted Cow Manure
Claus Thomsen
pp: 413-414 — See abstract

Peat and Substrate Production: An Overview
Holger Kæmpe
pp: 415-416 — See abstract

Peat Control in Nurseries and Peat Declaration
Torfinn Hodnebrog
pp: 417-418 — See abstract

Self-Heating in Peat
Sissel Brit Ranneklev and Hans Ragnar Gislerød
pp: 419-421 — See abstract

Experience With Steam-Treated Peat
Bente Kahr
pp: 422-423 — See abstract

Miscanthus Straw Compost as Growth Medium for Pot Plants
Hans E. Kresten Jensen, Mads Leth and Jens J. Lønsmann Iversen
pp: 424-425 — See abstract

Addition of Beneficial Microorganisms to Growth Media: An Overview
Steen Borregaard
pp: 426-428 — See abstract

Cabbage Seedlings Grown Organically in Plugs — Substrate Liming and Fertilizer Supply
Jens Willumsen
pp: 429-433 — See abstract

Pot-in-Pot: From Concept to Reality — I
Robert Adolph
pp: 434-436 — See abstract

Pot in Pot: From Concept to Reality — II
Walter J. Cullen
pp: 437-441 — See abstract

Destiny of Tree Seeds During Germination Under Stress
Martin Jensen and Lars Westergaard
pp: 442-444 — See abstract

Native and Naturalized Plants of North America Worthy of Garden Merit
Howard W. Barnes
pp: 445-453 — See abstract

Plant Hunting for the 21st Century
Dave Creech
pp: 454-458 — See abstract

Plant Breeding Efforts in Stokesia, Cercis, and Buddleja at North Carolina State University
Dennis J. Werner
pp: 459-460 — See abstract

New Color Plants for the South
Greg Grant
pp: 461-462 — See abstract

Selecting and Marketing New Plants
Rick Crowder
pp: 463-467 — See abstract

Propagation of Anemone ×hybrida by Root Cuttings
Jean-Jacques B. Dubois, Frank A. Blazich and Stuart L. Warren
pp: 468-473 — See abstract

Plant Growth Regulator Effects on Canna Lily
L.L. Bruner, G.J. Keever and C.H. Gilliam
pp: 474-477 — See abstract

Propagation of Clematis by Cuttings
Bev Greenwell
pp: 478-479 — See abstract

Let's Think Out of the Pot
Donna C. Fare
pp: 480-482 — See abstract

How to Computerize Production Scheduling
James C. Harden Jr
pp: 483-497 — See abstract

Shipping and Packaging of Perishable Propagation Material
Larry C. Newton
pp: 498-499 — See abstract

A Tour of Your National Arboretum and Its Latest Cultivar Releases
Margaret R. Pooler
pp: 500-503 — See abstract

Propagation of Camellia Species and Cultivars in Australia
Ralph Scott
pp: 504-505 — See abstract

Rooted Cuttings for Southern Pines
Hank Stelzer and Barry Goldfarb
pp: 506-509 — See abstract

Timing and Auxin Concentration Affects Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ Rooting
Diane Dunn
pp: 510-513 — See abstract

Cutting-Grown Quercus: The Future
Robert H. Head
pp: 514-516 — See abstract

Propagation of Ornamental Grasses
John A. Hoffman, Debbie Clark, Scott Epps and Jill Hoffman
pp: 517-519 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Farfugium japonicum
T. Yamamoto, K. Aoya and Y. Fukaya
pp: 520 — See abstract

The Dogwood Improvement Program at the University of Tennessee
W.T. Witte, M.T. Windham, R.N. Trigiano, J.A. Skinner, W.E. Klingeman, J.F. Grant, E.T. Graham, P.C. Flanagan and R.M. Augé
pp: 521-524 — See abstract

Garden Worthy Commercial Plants from England — Plus Some New Georgia Woody "Goodies"
Michael A. Dirr
pp: 525-526 — See abstract

Growing Plants in a Cinder Block
Carl Whitcomb
pp: 527-534 — See abstract

Effect of Water Quality on Plant Propagation
Hannah Mathers
pp: 535-539 — See abstract

Sticking the Knife In: Grafted Nursery Stock Production at Yorkshire Plants
Steen Berg
pp: 540-542 — See abstract

Control of Botrytis During Plant Propagation
Walter Mahaffee
pp: 543-551 — See abstract

The Process of Testing and Introducing a New Plant
Kathleen Echols
pp: 552-554 — See abstract

NEW PLANTS SESSION New Plants from The Arboretum at Flagstaff
Janice K. Busco
pp: 555-562 — See abstract

Discussion Group: Practical Integrated Pest Management
Robin Rosetta
pp: 563-564 — See abstract

Discussion Group: Seeds and Seedlings
David Woodske
pp: 565-566 — See abstract

Discussion Group: Budding and Grafting Made Better
Rita L Hummel
pp: 567-569 — See abstract

What More Can Tissue Culture Do for Us?
Steve McCulloch
pp: 570-573 — See abstract

Tree Root Culturing in Polypropylene Pads with Protruding Roots
John Maurice
pp: 574-575 — See abstract

Propagation of Promising High-Elevation Species Native to the Colorado Plateau
Janice K. Busco and Joyce Maschinski
pp: 576-579 — See abstract

Propagation Safety
F. Allan Elliott
pp: 580-583 — See abstract

Alternative Methods to Propagate Herbaceous Plants
John Dixon
pp: 584-588 — See abstract

Regulating Root Growth in Ericaceous Plant Propagation
Carolyn F. Scagel
pp: 589-592 — See abstract

Making the Numbers for Production
Kerrie Aoki
pp: 593-594 — See abstract

Germination and Growth of Acer Species
Mark E. Krautmann
pp: 595-597 — See abstract

Setting Up a Small-Scale Micropropagation Lab
David Woodske
pp: 598-601 — See abstract

Cleanliness in Propagation with the Use of Agribrom
Dan Klupenger
pp: 602 — See abstract

Propagating Clonal Rootstocks of Pyrus communis
William M. Proebsting and Luigi P. Meneghelli
pp: 603-607 — See abstract

Dealing With Disease in High Humidity Environments: Strategies for Control in Fog and Mist Zones
Robin K. Spreitler
pp: 608-613 — See abstract

Seedling Production in the Northern Plains
Greg Morgenson
pp: 614-616 — See abstract

Propagation of Endangered Species: Variable Germination of Pink Sandverbena from Pacific Coast Beaches
Thomas N. Kaye
pp: 617-621 — See abstract

Discussion Group: Direct Sticking of Cuttings Session
Chris Ames
pp: 622 — See abstract

Discussion Group: Native Plant Propagation
Janice K. Busco
pp: 623-625 — See abstract

Discussion Group: Rootstock of Choice
Hannah Mathers
pp: 626-628 — See abstract

Discussion Group: Propagating Plants Outside the Greenhouse
Carol Barnett
pp: 629 — See abstract

Propagation of Foliage and Flowering Plants in Guatemala
Luis Fernando Orellana
pp: 630 — See abstract

Methods, Systems, and Techniques of Hard- and Softwood Cuttings from the Perspective of a Hands-on Propagator
Larry Jordan
pp: 631-632 — See abstract

Grapevine Propagation with an Emphasis on Grafting
Peter A. Lentz
pp: 633-636 — See abstract

Using Subirrigation to Root Stem Cuttings: A Project Review
Richard Regan and Alison Henderson
pp: 637-646 — See abstract

Artifical Seed Technology Application in Propagation of Forest Trees
K. Ishii, E. Maruyama and I. Kinoshita
pp: 647 — See abstract

Growth Promotion of In Vitro Woody Plants Under Photoautotrophic Conditions
Q.T. Nguyen, T. Kozai, K.L. Nguyen and D.X. Thai
pp: 648 — See abstract

The Growth and Respiratory Activity of Root Systems on Pot-Grown Apple Transplants
T. Nakamura, S. Sugaya and H. Gemma
pp: 649 — See abstract

Adventitious Bud Formation and Plant Regeneration from Leaf Explants of Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus)
M. Kasumi, Y. Takatsu, T. Manabe and M. Hayashi
pp: 650-652 — See abstract

Studies on the Micropropagation of Gloriosa superba by in Vitro Tuber Culture
Yong-Min Wang, S. Akiyama, T. Azuma, Takashi Nanmori and Takeshi Yasuda
pp: 653 — See abstract

"Seek and Share" Around the World
P F Waugh and B. Edwards
pp: 654 — See abstract

Tondemonai Pot and Shozo-70 Nursery Soil
M. Minamide and K. Lida
pp: 655 — See abstract

Improvements in the Production of Rooted Cuttings in a Mist-irrigation Greenhouse
Keisuke Uchida
pp: 656 — See abstract

The Japanese Tradition of Grafting
S. Watanabe
pp: 657 — See abstract

Breeding of Spring Flowering Gladiolus for Cut Flower Production
H. Numata
pp: 658 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Rhododendron yedoense var. yedoense by Hypocotyl Culture
S. Yamaguchi and N. Ozaka
pp: 659-660 — See abstract

Promoting Germination of Seeds from Oriental Lily Hybrids: Effect of Developmental Stage and Scarification in Immature Seed
Mamori Kusumoto, Yasuaki Takeda, Hiroshi Anzai, Jiro Furukawa and Eiichi Usui
pp: 661-662 — See abstract

Promoting Germination from Four Cross Combinations of Immature Oriental-Hybrid-Lily Seeds by Embryo Culture and Scarification Treatment
Yasuaki Takeda, Hiroshi Anzai, Mamoru Kusumoto, Jiro Fukukawa and Eiichi Usui
pp: 663-665 — See abstract

The New World of Horticulture and Greening of the Environment
M. Nakamura
pp: 666 — See abstract

Nonsymbiotic Seed Propagation of Two Japanese Native Orchids for Native Restoration
K. Fukasawa and Y. Kage
pp: 667 — See abstract

Studies on Micropropagation of Phalaenopsis Alliance
S. Ichihashi, M. Tsuzuki and C.R. Aswath
pp: 668 — See abstract

Effects of Cold Pretreatment and Potting Materials on Growth of Acclimated Plantlets of Cypripedium macranthum var. speciosum
Masanori Tomita
pp: 669-673 — See abstract

Understanding New Market Trends and Their Impact on Distribution and Future Product Needs
S. Yoda
pp: 674 — See abstract

Utilization of New Light Selective Materials to Control the Ratio of Red and Far-Red Light in Plant Production
N. Fukuda and R Oi
pp: 675 — See abstract

The Greatest Azalea Park in the World: Tsutsuji-ga-oka Park, Tatebayashi, Gunma
N. Kobayashi
pp: 676 — See abstract

Commercial Production of Orchids: Future Prospect
N. Mochizuki
pp: 677 — See abstract

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