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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 49

Grodan — Properties and Use

Niels Holmenlund

pp: 408


Current trends in the pot plant industry still indicate that production methods should aim at uniformity and high quality ("A" products) if nurseries are to survive the intensified competition of the future. In the future, quality will be determined not only by the nursery but also by customers, for whom decorative value and long life are important quality parameters. The production processes must also use fewer growth-retarding chemicals. To meet these demands a wide range of cultivation parameters must be carefully controlled; the most important of these are connected with the development of robust, compact plants which have plenty of lateral shoots and flower buds. In other words, cultivation practices should aim at high plant activity to ensure optimum water and nutrition uptake leading to a high transpiration rate which will result in robust and compact plants.

The environment in which plants grow influences their rate of transpiration. High humidity conditions will

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