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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 48

Clematis Production In Poland

Szczepan Marczynski

pp: 206-208


The first clematis species to be grown in Poland were Clematis vitalba, C. recta, and C. alpina, which are all Polish native plants. Other species and cultivars have been produced in Poland since the 19th century.

Two Polish breeders working since the mid 1960s, Wladyslaw Noll and Brother Stefan Franczak, have bred more than 50 valuable cultivars of clematis, of which more than 20 have gained wide recognition internationally (a list at the end of this paper details the most valuable of their cultivars).

Despite the international success of these plants, the clematis was never very popular in Poland and it was not widely grown commercially. By the late 1980s, less than 100,000 clematis were produced annually, and only some 20 or 30 cultivars grown.

With the political and economic changes that have taken place in Poland since the early 1990s, nursery production has developed dramatically, and clematis production has increased. Currently, more than 100 species and cultivars

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