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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 47

"Propagation in Other Parts of the World" Question-Answer Period

pp: 296

DICK BIR: Could you speculate on the hardiness of the Podocarpus you showed?

ROBERT APPLETON: My particular covenant is at about 200 m. There is an alpine species that goes right to the bush line. We could easily find Podocarpus that would go right to the bush line. I don't know what zone that is, but it is pretty northern. You would be talking about a frost period for every month of the year. One of the advantages for that type of plant is that it is very small and would have a great deal of ornamental value in gardens.

ARDA BERRYHILL: David, how do you, as an extension officer, fit into that scheme and is it open entry?

DAVID HUTCHINSON: I fit in by helping each nursery get a program focused on the business side of doing the code of practice. That is, get the staff together and go through the training programs to see that they can meet their commitment. I do that on a contractual basis with each company. I do not do the actual inspections; that's left to a third party.


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