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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 47

Effect of Division Size on Direct-potted Ornamental Grasses

Mark H. Brand

pp: 606-608


In many nursery operations, ornamental grasses are potted in May using established plugs. These plugs are started in October/November (cool season grasses) or in February (warm season grasses) from very small divisions made from the previous year's container crop. Although this system makes efficient use of a small number of stock plants to yield a large quantity of small divisions, it adds an extra step to the production process. This extra step has the potential to add cost to the process in the form of additional labor-hours, additional skills needed by laborers, and fuel to at least minimally heat greenhouses. Typical production methods also require that a grower is set up to efficiently deal with a plug production system that uses a different set of pots, potting medium, materials handling equipment, and so on, than are used for 1- and 2-gal production.

Of course, when stock plants are limited in number, such as for new cultivars and species or for slow-to-increase

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