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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 46                 (published in 1996)

The Use Of Genetic Engineering Methods In Breeding Ornamental Plants
Stephen F. Chandler
pp: 43-46 — See abstract

Breeding Approaches to the Development of Selected Australian Native Daisies for Pot Culture
Alexander Salmon
pp: 47-50 — See abstract

New Genetic Approaches to Plant Conservation
Elizabeth James
pp: 51-55 — See abstract

Sturt Peas: Propagation and Breeding Strategies for Different Markets
Greg Kirby
pp: 56-58 — See abstract

Breeding New Leptospermum Cultivars
Peter Ollerenshaw
pp: 59-60 — See abstract

Development of New Ornamental Plants in Australia
Angus Stewart
pp: 61-62 — See abstract

Propagation of Cape Proteaceae, Ericaceae, and Restionaceae from Seed
N.A.C. Brown, J. Van Staden and G. Brits
pp: 63-67 — See abstract

Seed Orchard Systems for Herbaceous Indigenous Wildflowers
C. J. Delpratt
pp: 68-72 — See abstract

Vegetables, Heirlooms and Marketing
William L. Ashburner
pp: 73-76 — See abstract

Research and Development in Horticulture: What Should Be Funded and How Should it Be Adopted?
Jolyon Burnett
pp: 77-81 — See abstract

Recirculating Subirrigation Systems for Nursery Production
J.K. Mayotte, R. Hall and G. Connellan
pp: 82-84 — See abstract

Propagation For Zoo Exhibits
John Arnott
pp: 85-88 — See abstract

Current Research into Water Disinfestation for the Nursery and Cut Flower Industries
Martin Mebalds, David Beardsell, Andrea van der Linden and Michelle Bankier
pp: 89-92 — See abstract

An Alternative to Methyl Bromide: Electrically Produced Steam
John R. Bunker
pp: 93-98 — See abstract

Gene Transfer and Interspecific Hybridisation: Two Approaches to Virus Resistance in Papaw (Carica)
Roderick A. Drew
pp: 99-101 — See abstract

Getting the Most Out of Growing Media and Nutrition
David Nichols and Craig Godham
pp: 102-104 — See abstract

Effect of Saline Irrigation Water on the Production of Nursery Crops on Capillary Sand Beds
Gail E. Barth and Kevin A. Handreck
pp: 105-110 — See abstract

Deciduous Ornamental Trees in Australia
Wesley J. Fleming and Liz Darmody
pp: 111 — See abstract

Crape Myrtle Propagation
Don Covan
pp: 112-113 — See abstract

Propagating Herbaceous Perennial Liners and Plugs
David J. Beattie
pp: 114-116 — See abstract

Cultivar Integrity in Australian Tree Production
James Will
pp: 117-121 — See abstract

Propagation of Wilga, Geijera parviflora
Bryan Mole
pp: 122-126 — See abstract

Marketing Australian Plants Internationally
Rodger Elliot
pp: 127-130 — See abstract

Plant Breeding Legislation in Europe
Jørgen H. Selchau
pp: 131-133 — See abstract

The Diversity of British Columbian Native Plants for Nursery Production
Bruce Macdonald
pp: 134-136 — See abstract

The Need for a Region of the I.P.P.S. in South Africa
Rod Saunders and Rachel Saunders
pp: 137-139 — See abstract

Training the Plant Propagator—A Burnley College Perspective
Peter May
pp: 140 — See abstract

Competency-Based Training—Implications for Horticultural Education
Frederick C. Hellriegel
pp: 141 — See abstract

Training Programs for the Horticulture Industry - from Research to Practice
Robert Sward, Jenny Beaumont, Bernadette Swanson and Tony Slater
pp: 142 — See abstract

Supplying Plants for Revegetation: A Buyer's Expectations
Roger Lord
pp: 143-144 — See abstract

Operating an Indigenous Plant Nursery: My Experience in the Field
Graeme L. Stockton
pp: 145 — See abstract

Some Observations of the Effect of Smoke on the Germination of South-Eastern Australian Native Species
Greg Bain and David Lockwood
pp: 146-148 — See abstract

Monitoring Variation in the Propagation Environment
Ken James
pp: 149 — See abstract

Design and Construction of a Controlled Environment for Propagation of Ornamental Plants
Clive Larkman
pp: 150-152 — See abstract

Managing the Environment for the Production of Quality Plugs
Russell Slobodluk
pp: 153 — See abstract

Horticultural Research at the Royal Botanic Gardens
Rob Cross
pp: 154 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Evolvulus pilosus
T. Yamamoto, T. Kiyohara, N. Ikeda and K. Toki
pp: 155 — See abstract

Propagation of Michelia and Manglietia
Don Teese
pp: 156-157 — See abstract

Propagation Techniques for a New Flower Bulb Crop (Lachenalia)
Josephine G. Niederwieser
pp: 158-162 — See abstract

Reflections on the History of Irish Gardening: Thelma Swash Memorial Lecture1
Donal Synnott
pp: 163-166 — See abstract

The Right Rootstock for a Good Graft Stick
Tom Wood
pp: 167-168 — See abstract

Liner Production Management and Ergonomics
Pat Fitzgerald
pp: 169-172 — See abstract

Pest Control and Production Systems for Liner Production
Kleran Dunne
pp: 173-174 — See abstract

Experiences with Carbon Dioxide Enrichment for Production of Rooted Cuttings
Willem Sanders
pp: 175-177 — See abstract

The Effect of Type and Rate of Controlled-Release Fertiliser on the Performance of Hardy Nursery Stock in Containers
Michael J. Maher
pp: 178-182 — See abstract

Nutrient Survey of Nursery Stock in Ireland and U.K. Including Nutrient Reserve Analysis in Controlled-Release Fertiliser and Leaf Analysis
M. Prasad
pp: 183-189 — See abstract

Propagation of Rhododendrons at Millais Nurseries
David Millais
pp: 190-193 — See abstract

Eucalyptus as a Cut Foliage Crop
Mary C. Forrest
pp: 194-196 — See abstract

Recent Research on Propagation at the Research Station for Nursery Stock, Boskoop
Bernard P.A.M. Kunneman
pp: 197-200 — See abstract

Propagation of Perennials at Schram's Nurseries
Flip Schram
pp: 201-202 — See abstract

The Effect of Irrigation Systems and Peat Grade on the Production of Hebe‘Mrs. Winder’
C. Kirkland, A. Hunter, M. Maher and M. Prasad
pp: 203-207 — See abstract

The Nursery Stock Industry In Northern Ireland
David Kerr
pp: 208-211 — See abstract

Clonal Evaluation of Escallonia and Cytisus
Cathal G. Ellis
pp: 212-215 — See abstract

The Production of Clean Plants in the Laboratory
Alan C. Cassells
pp: 216-220 — See abstract

A Tube Method for Grafting Small Diameter Scions of the Hardwoods Quercus, Fraxinus, Betula, and Sorbus in Summer
G.C. Douglas, J. Mc Namara and D. Thompson
pp: 221-226 — See abstract

Use of In Vitro Plants in the Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Industry
A.J. Sayegh and Fintan P. Moran
pp: 227-230 — See abstract

Nursery Stock in Finland
Christiane Kummer
pp: 231-233 — See abstract

Hardy Woody Plant Propagation at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Annette Wickham
pp: 234-239 — See abstract

Propagation and Plant Production in Taiwan
Donnchadh Mac Cárthaigh
pp: 240-242 — See abstract

Propagation and Culture of Hebes at Lowaters Nursery
Ian Ashton
pp: 243-245 — See abstract

Extending the Range of Plants for the Nursery Stock Industry
R.F. Murphy
pp: 246-250 — See abstract

New Methods For Germinating Orchid Seeds
Hanne N. Rasmussen
pp: 251-255 — See abstract

Application of Antagonistic Microorganisms to Seeds to Control Fungal Plant Pathogens
Birgit Jensen, Inge M.B. Knudsen, Dan Funck Jensen and John Hockenhull
pp: 256-262 — See abstract

Production and Storage of Perennial Seed
Klaus R. Jelitto
pp: 263-264 — See abstract

Seed Production in Horticulture
Palle Sørensen
pp: 265-266 — See abstract

Handling of Recalcitrant Tropical Tree Seeds
Kirsten Arnfred Thomsen
pp: 267-269 — See abstract

Precision Drills and Vacuum Seeders for Vegetable Seeding
Haarby Forge and Art Smith
pp: 270 — See abstract

From Seed Technology to Seed Products
Peter Van Der Toorn
pp: 271-283 — See abstract

Vigour Test In Oil Seed Rape And Peas
Søren Ugilt Larsen
pp: 284-288 — See abstract

Germination and Priming
Henry Damm Hansen
pp: 289-291 — See abstract

Storage of Orthodox Seeds
E. Nymann Eriksen
pp: 292-295 — See abstract

Breaking of Tree Seed Dormancy at Controlled Moisture Content
Martin Jensen
pp: 296-304 — See abstract

Controlled Moisture Content During Release of Dormancy in Tree Seeds — Large Scale Handling
Henrik G. Knudsen
pp: 305-308 — See abstract

Machine Grafting of Grapevines using the Spinks Grafting Machine
Gerardo G. Villanueva and Steve Maniaci
pp: 309-310 — See abstract

Rose Budding with T-Bud Technique
Bruce Frost
pp: 311 — See abstract

Giant Sequoia in the Sierra Nevada
Jim Sellers
pp: 312-315 — See abstract

Foundation Clonal Systems of Source Selection
Dale E. Kester
pp: 318-322 — See abstract

Foundation Plant Materials Service: Production and Distribution of Virus-tested Propagation Materials
Michael L. Cunningham
pp: 323-326 — See abstract

Nursery Propagation by Hardwood Cuttings: Prunus
Thomas W. Burchell
pp: 327-332 — See abstract

Recently Introduced Plants from Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation and Techniques for Their Propagation
Kathy Hesketh and Marlo Doherty
pp: 334-338 — See abstract

Potential Causes of Graft Incompatibility
Frank S. Santamour Jr
pp: 339-342 — See abstract

Citrus Rootstock-Scion Compatibility and Characteristics
Thomas Mulholland
pp: 343-344 — See abstract

Antibiotics in Sphagnum Moss
Charles E. Hess
pp: 347-349 — See abstract

New Applications in Clonal Forestry
W.J. Libby
pp: 350-354 — See abstract

Breeding Miniature and Other Roses
Ralph S. Moore
pp: 355-357 — See abstract

Hardwood Cuttings as a Nursery Practice: Prunus, Developmental Aspects
Dale E. Kester and Thomas Burchell
pp: 358-361 — See abstract

Rooting Walnut Hardwood Cuttings
James R. McKenna and Ellen G. Sutter
pp: 362-367 — See abstract

Propagation of Rose Rootstock ‘Doctor Huey’ from Hardwood Cuttings
Bruce Frost
pp: 368-369 — See abstract

Embryo Rescue and Genetic Transformation
Richard Emershad
pp: 370-373 — See abstract

Biology and Management of Crown Gall Disease in the Nursery
Larry W. Moore
pp: 374-377 — See abstract

Michael V. McKenry
pp: 378-381 — See abstract

Growing with a Cravo Retract-a-Roof Greenhouse
Thomas Fessler
pp: 382 — See abstract

Seed Collection and Cleaning Revisited
Douglas Lee
pp: 383-386 — See abstract

Seed Testing and Seed Dormancy
Aleta Meyr
pp: 387-390 — See abstract

Seed Priming and Pelleting: Tools for Stand Establishment
Cher Brandt
pp: 391-394 — See abstract

Rose Breeding of the Future
Keith W. Zary and John K. Walden
pp: 395-397 — See abstract

Seasonal Changes in Adventitious Root Formation in Stem Cuttings of Prosopis alba
Sheila Bhattacharya and Allan Dunstan
pp: 398-404 — See abstract

A Straight Line Approach to Minimising Water Stress in the Propagation Environment
C.B. Christie
pp: 405-414 — See abstract

Plant Tissue Culture, Dispelling the Mystique
Brian J. Callaghan
pp: 415-417 — See abstract

Division, Factors for Consideration in Ensuring Success
Ian R. Gear
pp: 418-420 — See abstract

Japanese Taro, a New Zealand Perspective
J.M. Follett and J.J.C. Scheffer
pp: 421-424 — See abstract

Preparation and Maintenance of Stock Beds
Kiri Johnson
pp: 425-427 — See abstract

Commercial Options for Disease and Pest Control in Plant Propagation
Mark Stevenson
pp: 428-439 — See abstract

A Review of Specialised Root Systems, and Their Relevance in New Zealand Nurseries
Michael B. Thomas and Mervyn I. Spurway
pp: 440-445 — See abstract

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is for Plant Propagators Too
Nicholas Martin
pp: 446-448 — See abstract

Germination Strategies for New Ornamental Species
Peter Jensen
pp: 449-452 — See abstract

Propagation of New Zealand Native Flora By Seed
Philip Smith
pp: 453-455 — See abstract

Biological Control and Natural Products as Alternatives to Synthetic Pesticides
Robert Hill
pp: 456-458 — See abstract

A Plantsman's Perspective of our New Biosecurity Protocols "Introductions and Consequences"
Terry C. Hatch
pp: 459-463 — See abstract

Oaks to Know and Grow:The Promise and Problems of the Genus
Guy Sternberg
pp: 464-468 — See abstract

Oak Propagation from Start to Finish
Connor Shaw
pp: 469-470 — See abstract

Container Production of Oaks: A Successful Reality
Bill Hendricks
pp: 471-472 — See abstract

Oak Production in Alkaline Soil: Advantages of Quercus ×schuettei
Michael Yanny
pp: 473-475 — See abstract

Graft Incompatibility in Red Oak: Theory and Practice
Frank S. Santamour Jr and Mark V. Coggeshall
pp: 476-480 — See abstract

Oak Grafting Techniques
Mark V. Coggeshall
pp: 481-486 — See abstract

Preliminary Progress on the Asexual Propagation of Oaks
Jason Griffin and Nina Bassuk
pp: 487-494 — See abstract

Looking to the Future
Richard E. Bir
pp: 495-496 — See abstract

The Propagation of Lesser Known and Unusual Maple Species
Peter Podaras and Nina Bassuk
pp: 497-507 — See abstract

Bare-Root Shade Tree Whip Production in Containers with Special Reference to Red Oak
Daniel K. Struve
pp: 508-511 — See abstract

Ornamental Seed Production in Field Cages with Insect Pollinators1
Mark P. Widrlechner, Craig A. Abel and Richard L. Wilson
pp: 512-516 — See abstract

Mycorrhizal Associations and Plant Propagation
Donald H. Marx
pp: 517-521 — See abstract

Winter Propagation and Liner Bed Production of Conifers
Michael L. Byers
pp: 522-523 — See abstract

Breeding Witchhazel at The Holden Arboretum
Robert D. Marquard
pp: 524-527 — See abstract

Preventing Frost Heaving of Late-Planted Perennials
Philip L. Carpenter
pp: 528-529 — See abstract

Syringa: A Challenge!
Roger G. Coggeshall
pp: 530-531 — See abstract

Trials and Tribulations of Producing Acer pensylvanicum ‘Erythrocladum’
Ken Twombly
pp: 532-533 — See abstract

Economical Fertilizer Applicator: Keep it Simple
Clayton Fuller
pp: 534-535 — See abstract

Fertilizing Stressed Plants
Charles W. Martin
pp: 536-537 — See abstract

Significance of Mycorrhizal Management in the Production of Trees and Shrubs
Donald H. Marx
pp: 538-542 — See abstract

Perennial Production in Europe: An Overview
David J. Beattie
pp: 543-545 — See abstract

Recent Developments in Seed Germination of Ornamental Herbaceous Crops
Robert L. Geneve
pp: 546-549 — See abstract

Ginseng: Seed Germination and General Culture
Leonard P. Stoltz
pp: 550-556 — See abstract

Using Computers to Plan Perennial Production
George P. Pealer
pp: 557-559 — See abstract

Review of Current Practices for Overwintering Container-grown Herbaceous Perennials
Jeffery K. Iles
pp: 560-570 — See abstract

Growing and Marketing Herbaceous Natives
Michael Kolaczewski
pp: 571-573 — See abstract

Use of Growth Regulators in Production
Rod Ackerman and Harlan Hamernik
pp: 574-576 — See abstract

Jack Alexander
pp: 577-582 — See abstract

Ralph Shugert and Bruce Briggs
pp: 583-584 — See abstract

Practical Ideas and Solutions to Common Problems
H. William Barnes
pp: 585 — See abstract

Winter Propagation of Ulmus ‘Regal’
Dan Moore and Bernard Fourrier
pp: 586 — See abstract

Softwood Cutting Propagation of Eucommia ulmoides
David Schmidt
pp: 587-588 — See abstract

Use of Sulfentrazone (F6285) for Preemergence Weed Management in Field-Grown Ornamentals
Kimberly Collins, Leslie Weston and Robert McNiel
pp: 589 — See abstract

Hemerocallis (Daylily) Propagation
Winston C. Dunwell
pp: 590-594 — See abstract

Cutting Propagation of Grafted Mature and Juvenile Northern Red Oak
James J. Zaczek, K.C. Steiner and Charles W. Heuser Jr
pp: 595-600 — See abstract

Is Kiek Another Mugwort?
David J. Beattie
pp: 601 — See abstract

Pest Resistant Landscape Plants
Richard E. Bir and Thomas G. Ranney
pp: 602-604 — See abstract

Germination and Seedling Development in Pawpaw Asimina triloba
C.L.H. Finneseth, D.R. Layne and R.L. Geneve
pp: 605 — See abstract

Capillary Mats Modify Media Moisture During Mist Propagation of Chrysanthemum Cuttings
Jennifer Marohnic, Robert Geneve and Jack Buxton
pp: 606-607 — See abstract

Changes in Root Length and Diameter in Plants Grown in Copper-Treated Containers
M. Stafford, , R.L. Geneve and R.E. McNiel
pp: 608-610 — See abstract

Stock Plant Shading to Increase Rooting of Paperbark Maple Cuttings
Brian Maynard, William Johnson, Thomas Holt and Dixon Hoogendoorn
pp: 611-613 — See abstract

Enhancement of Undergraduate Education in Plants, Propagation, and Production Using Regional, National, and International Tours
Robert E. McNiel and Winston C. Dunwell
pp: 614-617 — See abstract

Rooting Rhododendron Without Mist: Subirrigation and Medium pH
Thomas Holt, Brian Maynard and William Johnson
pp: 618-620 — See abstract

Propagation of Birch by Softwood Cuttings
Brian Bunge
pp: 621 — See abstract

Marigold Growth Following Transplanting at Several Stages of Development
K. Oakley, R.L. Geneve, S. Kester and M. Stafford
pp: 622 — See abstract

Commercial Micropropagation Laboratories in the United States
Richard H. Zimmerman
pp: 623-625 — See abstract

The Effect of Transplanting Date on the Growth of Three Evergreen Shrubs in Containers
James R. Johnson
pp: 626-629 — See abstract

Propagating Sassafras albidum from Root Shoots
R. Wayne Mezitt
pp: 630-634 — See abstract

Camellia Propagation and Production
Steven T. Sawada
pp: 635-638 — See abstract

Heat-Tolerant Perennials
Bill Hall
pp: 639-644 — See abstract

Improving Production Efficiency
Jeff Howell
pp: 645-647 — See abstract

Relocation of 100-Year-Old Dogwood — Cooperation Between Public and Private Entities
J. Harvey Cotton Jr
pp: 648-650 — See abstract

Sanitation and Disease Control in the Propagation Area
Russell Blackwell
pp: 651-653 — See abstract

Tree Seedling Production
Susan Smith
pp: 654-656 — See abstract

How pH affects Pesticide Effectiveness
David H. Tatum
pp: 657-659 — See abstract

Propagating Woody Ornamentals With Bottom Heat
Bob Black
pp: 660-662 — See abstract

Weed Management Strategies for Container Production
Charles H. Gilliam
pp: 663-666 — See abstract

A New Approach to Irrigation
Tom Saunders
pp: 667-675 — See abstract

Horticultural Opportunities
David Ellis
pp: 676-677 — See abstract

The Internet and How It Applies to the Nursery Industry
Bill O'Meara
pp: 678-681 — See abstract

Adventitious Rooting of Stem Cuttings of Loblolly Pine as Influenced by Carbohydrate and Mineral Nutrient Content of Hedged Stock Plants
D. Bradley Rowe, Frank A. Blazich and Farrell C. Wise
pp: 682-688 — See abstract

Sequential Benzyladenine (BA) Applications Enhance Offset Formation in Hosta
James M. Garner, Gary J. Keever, D. Joseph Eakes and J. Raymond Kessler
pp: 689-692 — See abstract

Azaleas For the 21st Century
Maarten Van Der Giessen
pp: 693-696 — See abstract

Dogwood Propagation from Cuttings
Bob Byrnes
pp: 697-698 — See abstract

Variations in pH from Different Bark Sources
Allen D. Owings
pp: 699-704 — See abstract

Short History of the International Plant Propagators' Society
Jo Dawkins
pp: 705 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) by Softwood Cuttings
Y. Murai, H. Harada and R. Mochioka
pp: 706-709 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) by Softwood Cuttings
H. Harada and Y. Murai
pp: 710-713 — See abstract

The Commercial Production of Japanese Persimmon ‘Fuyu’ (Diospyros kaki ‘Fuyu’)

pp: 714 — See abstract

Cultivars and Breeding of Gloriosa
H. Yamamoto
pp: 715-716 — See abstract

Horticultural Improvement of the Native Azalea, Rhododendron tosaense
S. Yamaguchi
pp: 717 — See abstract

Care of Stock Plants and Cutting Production of Kalanchoe
N. Oida
pp: 718 — See abstract

Controlling Root Systems with Slit Containers
S. Watanabe and M. Nakamura
pp: 719-720 — See abstract

Production of Large Evergreen Landscape Trees and Their Typhoon Protection in the Nursery
S. Kinoshita
pp: 721-722 — See abstract

Seedling Propagation of Sophora microphylla
Robert Appleton
pp: 723-725 — See abstract

Miniature Rose Production in Gifu Prefecture
Y. Yotan
pp: 726 — See abstract

Rose Production in the Present and Future
K. Tsujita
pp: 727 — See abstract

Cut-flower Production of Roses in Goudo
Y. Takada
pp: 728 — See abstract

Orchids in Thailand
C. Itthisak
pp: 729 — See abstract

Effects of Media and Time of Seed Collection on Seed Germination of Cypripedium macranthum var. rebunense
M. Tomita
pp: 730-734 — See abstract

Sales Strategy for Cactus
K. Kato
pp: 735 — See abstract

Effects of Cytokinins on Multiplication and Rooting of Micropropagated Shoots of Spathiphyllum
W. Amaki, M. Mamuro and H. Higuchi
pp: 736-742 — See abstract

Inducing Callus Formation from Leaf or Petiole Segments and Culture of Callus in Pelargonium
S. Yasugi and Y. Mochiyama
pp: 743 — See abstract

Growth Characteristics of Nursery Plants Regenerated Through in vitro Culture in Leek (Allium porrum L.)
T. Kanazawa, M. Hatakeyama, K. Sato, H.M. Xue, T. Harada and T. Yakuwa
pp: 744-749 — See abstract

In vitro Inoculation Test for Resistance to Crown Gall Disease on Roses
L. Zhou, H. Fukui and S. Matsumoto
pp: 750-754 — See abstract

The Effect of CCC and BA on the Formation of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Microtubers
T. Yamamoto and K. Nakata
pp: 755 — See abstract

Acclimatization of Bulbous Plants Between Northern and Southern Hemispheres
T.E. Welsh and M. Saito
pp: 756-757 — See abstract

Ornamental Climbing Plants at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden
Bruce Macdonald
pp: 758 — See abstract

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