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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

Foundation Clonal Systems of Source Selection

Dale E. Kester

pp: 318-322


Plant breeding and plant propagation can be considered mirror images of one another. Plant breeding depends upon increased genetic variation to provide the chances of producing new cultivars. Plant propagation, on the other hand, depends upon decreasing, or at least controlling, genetic variation in order to maintain the genotype of specific cultivars produced by breeding. Maintaining plants that are true-to-variety and true-to-type is accomplished through selection of propagation sources. One of the primary methods of accomplishing this goal is through vegetative propagation and the selection of a clone. A further refinement of clonal selection and propagation is the selection of individual plants within that clone and will be referred to as foundation clones.

The purpose of this workshop is to describe the types of clonal variants that need to be controlled and the process utilized to achieve this control through "Foundation Clone" selection. These procedures are embodied

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