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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

Propagation of Cape Proteaceae, Ericaceae, and Restionaceae from Seed

N.A.C. Brown, J. Van Staden and G. Brits

pp: 63-67

The Cape Floral Region possesses the richest temperate flora in the world. The dominant vegetation of the Cape Floral Region is the fynbos which is typified by the presence of members of the Restionaceae (Cape reeds and grasses), the Proteaceae (sugarbushes, pincushions, and conebushes), Ericaceae (Cape heaths), and a number of endemic families. Many of the fynbos species are of outstanding horticultural potential. Seeds of most species are dormant and research has shown that very specific environmental cues are required for germination. It has also been shown that fire, a natural feature of the fynbos environment, provides the major cues for seed germination in the wild. During the last five years, considerable progress has been achieved in understanding seed dormancy mechanisms in the Proteaceae, Ericaceae, and Restionaceae.

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