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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

Recent Research on Propagation at the Research Station for Nursery Stock, Boskoop

Bernard P.A.M. Kunneman

pp: 197-200


This paper gives an overview of some of the propagation research projects of the Research Station for Nursery Stock at Boskoop. There are several current research projects, this paper concentrates on the following subjects:

  • Improvement of seed germination
  • Propagation of Acer platanoides
  • Propagation of nematode free perennials
  • Conditions during rooting
  • Rooting leafless hardwood cuttings

With cuttings, research was undertaken on CO2 enrichment; stock plant treatments; rooting conditions of cuttings; reduction of flowering during rooting of Pieris; development of systems for rooting of leafless hardwood cuttings and improvement of the quality of cuttings. Use of cuttings for nematode-free production of perennials was also trialled. Tissue culture techniques were developed to propagate rootstocks for fruit trees (Malus, Pyrus, and Cydonia) and for propagation of Acer and Paeonia. The research on seeds concentrated on the effect of pretreatment conditions on

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