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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

Eucalyptus as a Cut Foliage Crop

Mary C. Forrest

pp: 194-196

Single stem, 1-year-old specimens of Eucalyptus gunnii were planted in four treatments of single, double, triple, and quadruple rows at a spacing of 1.75 m between plants, both between and within rows (densities of 1937, 2431, 2657, and 2787 plants ha-1). In each year of the experiment foliage was harvested from autumn until early spring. Length, weight, and form of foliage, whether juvenile, adult or discard, was noted. The plants were then coppiced. The cumulative weight per treatment was measured. There was no significant difference between treatments or in the treatment/year interaction. The mean weight of material harvested per plant planted in consecutive years was 0.58, 1.92, 1.07, 1.02, 1.07, and 1.43 kg and is within the range reported from England and Germany (0.5 kg to 3.0 kg per plant). The percentage of juvenile foliage harvested in each consecutive year was 19.9%,28%,68.6%,76.6%,73.6%, and 66.8% and this indicates the effect of severe pruning on the production such foliage.

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