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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

Propagation of Michelia and Manglietia

Don Teese

pp: 156-157


Plants produce clusters of seed pods varying from a few to 20 ormore capsules, each containing one or two seeds. Hard black seeds are surrounded by flesh varying in colour from orange to pink or red. Pick the capsules when they first begin to split or show colour when exposed by cutting. Split open fully to remove seed from capsules, squash the flesh or remove from around the seed. Some growers recommend washing the oil from the seed with detergent in case this inhibits germination. The only species for which we find this may be necessary is Michelia champaca, which has been difficult to germinate. Most varieties germinate easily if the seed is fresh. The seed should not be allowed to dry out as viability drops markedly. Under Australian conditions the seed can either be sown inside or outdoors. Inside provides greater environmental control and may be necessary for colder regions. No pregermination treatments are required. Netting may be necessary to prevent losses to birds.

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