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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

Fertilizing Stressed Plants

Charles W. Martin

pp: 536-537

As growers, we all know our most important tool is our eyes. We are always observing and analyzing growth patterns, color of plants, abiotic and biotic plant damage, and stressed plants in order to produce the healthiest, most vigorous plants possible. The belief has long been that the strongest, healthiest plants were the plants with a vigorous growth rate. We have long emphasized fertilization with nitrogen in order to improve the plants growth and equated this with plant health. However, a fast growing plant doesn't always withstand the stresses of the homeowner's environment.

Dr. Paul J. Kramer, the noted plant physiologist, stated in 1956,"We will learn how to grow trees by learning how trees grow". Dr. Kramer is stating we can't just depend on our eyes to grow healthy plants, we need to understand what occurs within the plant that allows it to grow and survive. When we take a look into the plant's physiological mechanisms we will find that fertilization will often limit a plants

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