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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

The Propagation of Lesser Known and Unusual Maple Species

Peter Podaras and Nina Bassuk

pp: 497-507


Urban trees are highly valued by urban populations although their lifespan is often severely curtailed. Lack of adequate planting space is perhaps the single most difficult problem that urban trees face as they continue to be squeezed into seemingly impossible situations. Soil in these sites is often quite compacted, preventing root growth while pavement further complicates the situation by preventing precipitation from reaching the root zone. As a result, trees can be left with less than adequate soil moisture for satisfactory growth. What water does get into the root zone may be contaminated by road salt providing even more stress. To make matters even worse, the abundance of concrete in buildings and sidewalks drives soil pH to very high levels limiting the availability of iron, manganese, and zinc (Craul, 1992).

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