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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 46

Seasonal Changes in Adventitious Root Formation in Stem Cuttings of Prosopis alba

Sheila Bhattacharya and Allan Dunstan

pp: 398-404

Seasonality in rooting response of stem cuttings in relation to exogenously applied K-IBA was studied in nitrogen-fixing trees of genus Prosopis (mes-quite). Cuttings of field-grown trees were successfully rooted using an intermittent mist propagation bench during a period of high temperature and relatively higher humidity levels (May to September) than in winter months. The adventitious root formation on cuttings was inhibited during the dormant period (November to February). The efficacy of exogenously applied K-IBA concentration varied with the position of cuttings on the stem. An increasing concentration of applied K-IBA appeared to be correlated with the apical and basal end of the cuttings for the optimum root initiation and development.

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