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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 45                 (published in 1995)

The Influence of Exogenous Abscisic Acid and Carbon Dioxide Enrichment on the Rooting of an Australian Ornamental Plant
B.R. Loveys, W.J.S. Downton and H.M. Fan
pp: 41-45 — See abstract

The Australian Native Foods Industry: New Challenges for the Plant Propagator
John G. McCarthy
pp: 46-50 — See abstract

Propagation of the Olive in Italy and Australia
Luigi Bazzani
pp: 51-52 — See abstract

The Role of Combustion Products (Smoke) in Stimulating Ex Situ and In Situ Germination of Western Australian Plants
K.W. Dixon and S. Roche
pp: 53-56 — See abstract

Use of Low Concentration NAA Sprays to Suppress Sprouting on Rootstocks
W.J.R. Grant
pp: 57-61 — See abstract

Propagation of Grape Vines by Micrografting
Alan Saunders
pp: 62 — See abstract

Improving Grafting Techniques for Apples
Allen Gilbert
pp: 63-66 — See abstract

Quality Management for Nurseries
Richard Bennett
pp: 67-69 — See abstract

Experiences with Accreditation under the National Scheme
David O. Cliffe
pp: 70-71 — See abstract

Practical Experience with Total Quality Management
Howard Bentley
pp: 72-75 — See abstract

Classical Biological Control of the Rose Aphid (Macrosiphum rosae) in Australia
Jörg Kitt
pp: 76-80 — See abstract

Biological Control Agents for Damping-off Disease in Bedding Plants
A.R. Harris
pp: 81-85 — See abstract

Seed Germination of Endangered South Australian Plants
Birgitte Sorensen and Manfred Jusaitis
pp: 86-92 — See abstract

Testing Prevents Disasters
Kevin A. Handreck
pp: 93-97 — See abstract

The Use of Mycorrhizal Fungi During Propagation
Peter N. Donnelly
pp: 98-102 — See abstract

In Situ Seed Germination for Rehabilitation of Waste Fly Ash
Manfred Jusaitis and Anne Pillman
pp: 103-107 — See abstract

Mycorrhizae of the Epacridaceae and Its Use in Propagation
Cassandra McLean
pp: 108-111 — See abstract

Improving Nutrient and Water Management in Nurseries
G.C. Cresswell
pp: 112-116 — See abstract

Water Quality of Stored and Runoff Water in Plant Nurseries and Implications for Recycling
Elizabeth A. James
pp: 117-120 — See abstract

Growing Kalanchoe blossfeldiana in the Subtropics
Anne M.J. Soby
pp: 121-122 — See abstract

Selection of Lophostemon confertus Provenances for Use in Urban Landscapes
Geoffrey S. Williams
pp: 123-127 — See abstract

Tissue Culture of Passionfruit
Roderick A. Drew
pp: 128-132 — See abstract

The Propagation of Persoonia virgata
Lynda M. Ketelhohn and Margaret E. Johnston
pp: 133-138 — See abstract

The Use Of Hot Pipe Callusing For Bench Grafting
N.D. Dunn
pp: 139-141 — See abstract

Top Worked Larch Production
Steen Berg
pp: 142-143 — See abstract

Propagation of Hibiscus by Grafting
Anthony Marks
pp: 144-145 — See abstract

Winter Bench Grafting of Walnut Varieties
Andras Lantos
pp: 146-148 — See abstract

Propagation and Production of Hamamelis Cultivars in the Field by Chip Budding
Christopher G. Lane
pp: 149-150 — See abstract

Effectively Using Tissue Culture for Ericaceous Plants
Steve McCulloch
pp: 151-153 — See abstract

The Motives for Using Micropropagated Plants and Their Management by the Nursery Stock Producer
Rodney Richards
pp: 154-156 — See abstract

Hardwood and Softwood Cuttings: Factors Affecting Rootability
Bernard P.A.M. Kunneman
pp: 157-160 — See abstract

Methods for Difficult Hardwood Cuttings With Bottom Heat in Hungary
Gábor Schmidt
pp: 161-164 — See abstract

Liriope muscari Production and Use in the Southeastern United States
Jim Berry
pp: 165-168 — See abstract

Natural Regeneration and Propagation of Bamboos and Grasses
William T.J. Tooby
pp: 169-171 — See abstract

Using the Opportunities for Geranium Propagation
Paul W. Howling
pp: 172-176 — See abstract

The Propagation and Development of Penstemons
Roger A. Bentley and Bob J. Hares
pp: 177-182 — See abstract

Seedling Production of Acer griseum
Robert Appleton
pp: 183-184 — See abstract

Notes on Some Factors Affecting the Germination of Palm Seeds
Philip McMillan Browse
pp: 185-189 — See abstract

The Commercial Development of Australian Native Ornamental Plants
Ian Gordon
pp: 190-195 — See abstract

The Propagation of Some British Columbian Native Plants
Bruce Macdonald
pp: 196-198 — See abstract

Woodland and Alpine Plants in the Botanic Gardens and Nurseries of Japan
Colin Parberry
pp: 199-201 — See abstract

Clematis Old and New from Around the World
Raymond J. Evison
pp: 202-206 — See abstract

Restriction of the Root System, A Survey of Non-Chemical Methods
Hanne N. Rasmussen
pp: 207-210 — See abstract

Control Of Woody Root Systems Using Copper Compounds
Ian Gordon
pp: 211-215 — See abstract

Cytokinin Effects on Shoot and Root Formation in Miscanthus ×ogiformis ‘Giganteus’
Jeanette Møller Nielsen
pp: 216-219 — See abstract

Somatic Embryogenesis in Miscanthus
Karen K. Petersen, Inger B. Holme and Mona Lillelund Hansen
pp: 220-225 — See abstract

Long-Term In Vitro Storage of Miscanthus Cultures
Jürgen Hansen and Ebbe Elbrønd Andersen
pp: 226-230 — See abstract

Development of Embryo Dormancy and Abscisic Acid Concentration During Seed Maturation in Beech
Finn V. Povlsen
pp: 231-238 — See abstract

The Diverse Origin of New Plants for the Nursery Industry
Bruce Macdonald
pp: 239-241 — See abstract

Practical Details of Importing Plants
Rich Eggimann
pp: 242-245 — See abstract

Introducing Foreign Woody Species to Australia and Associated Marketing Techniques
Liz Darmody
pp: 246-247 — See abstract

HortBase: A World-Wide Electronic Information System
James L. Green, John Matylonek, Andy Duncan and Evelyn Liss
pp: 249-253 — See abstract

Plants Grow Children: A Master Gardener School Enrichment Program
Marianne C. Ophardt
pp: 254-256 — See abstract

Sustainable Production of Cut Flowers
Paul Sansone and Susan Vosburg
pp: 257-263 — See abstract

New Woody Plants from Tissue Culture
Lynne Caton
pp: 265-266 — See abstract

Desirable Characteristics of Propagation Media
Michelle L. Oliveira
pp: 267-271 — See abstract

How to Use Biological Control to Manage Propagation Pests
Robin L. Rosetta
pp: 272-275 — See abstract

Cuttings, Clippings, and Miscellany
Jim Borland
pp: 276-278 — See abstract

Using Physiological and Anatomical Studies to Optimize the Environment for Rooting Cuttings
Sven E. Svenson
pp: 279-283 — See abstract

Challenges Faced by an Arboretum Propagator
Barbara Selemon
pp: 285-287 — See abstract

Rewriting of Seeds of Woody Plants in the United States
Thomas D. Landis and Franklin T. Bonner
pp: 288-291 — See abstract

Worker Protection Standard: How It Affects Cutting Propagation
Raymond L. Pavitt
pp: 292-294 — See abstract

The Pitfalls of Grafting
Richard F. Bush
pp: 296 — See abstract

Propagation Stock Orchard Management and Wood Selection of Fruit and Ornamental Plants
Jonathan La Forge
pp: 297-300 — See abstract

Bench Grafting, When Is the Best Time?
Guy E. Meacham
pp: 301-304 — See abstract

Sex and the Single Plant: Seed Propagation: The Basics
Ray Maleike
pp: 305-307 — See abstract

Growing Fibrous-Rooted Oak Liners: A Methodical Approach can Yield Striking Results
Mark Krautmann
pp: 308-311 — See abstract

Evaluating Acid Scarification Effects on Dormant Arctostaphylos nevadensis Seeds
Joan D. Conrod Trindle
pp: 312-314 — See abstract

Production Scheduling of Cuttings
Christine Santana
pp: 316-319 — See abstract

Controlling the Propagation Environment with a Computer
Thomas R. Fessler
pp: 320-321 — See abstract

A Unique Approach to Mass Propagation
William R. Murphy
pp: 322-323 — See abstract

Divide and Conquer: Propagation of Herbaceous and Tree Peonies
Richard W. Rogers
pp: 325-326 — See abstract

Methods of Propagation for Aquatic Plants
James K. Purcell
pp: 327-329 — See abstract

Terra Plug® Production
Gina M. Falcetti
pp: 330-331 — See abstract

Plant Propagators to the Rescue!
Gary A. Ritchie
pp: 333-337 — See abstract

POSTER SESSIONS Controlled-Release Urea Fertilizers Affect the Growth and Quality of Selected Foliage Plants
P.K. Murakarni and F.D. Rauch
pp: 338 — See abstract

Nitrogen Fertigation of Apple Nursery Stock: Effects of Application Rate and Cutoff Timing on Nursery Stock Size, Dormancy Development, Natural Defoliation, Freezing Tolerance, and Spring Regrowth
Steve Castagnoli, Leslie Fuchigami, Timothy Righetti and Eugene Mielke
pp: 339 — See abstract

Chemical and Manual Defoliation of Apple Nursery Stock: Effects of Defoliation Timing on Defoliation Efficacy and Nursery Stock Quality
Steve Castagnoli, Leslie Fuchigami, Fenton Larsen and Eugene Mielke
pp: 339 — See abstract

Tie-off Layering of Hazelnut
David C. Smith
pp: 340 — See abstract

Cytokinins and Donor Plants Affect Regenerative Capacity of American Elm Leaves
Mary W. George and Robert R. Tripepi
pp: 340 — See abstract

Evaluating Pulp and Paper Sludge as a Substitute for Peat Moss in Container Media
Robert R. Tripepi and M.W. George and A.G. Campbell
pp: 341 — See abstract

Alaskan Natives: More Potential for Ornamental Nursery Crops
Terry Finnerty, Dave Wattenbarger and James Kraemer
pp: 341 — See abstract

Oregon Association of Nurserymen's Plastic Recycling Program
Walter Suttle and Ron Lapotin
pp: 342-344 — See abstract

New Zealand Named Lavender Cultivars: The Advantages and Disadvantages
Virginia McNaughton
pp: 345-347 — See abstract

The Commercial Application of Trichoderma (Beneficial Fungi) in New Zealand Horticulture
Donald McPherson and John S. Hunt
pp: 348-353 — See abstract

The Conventional Tube
Jan Velvin
pp: 354-355 — See abstract

Rootrainers: A Nurseryman's Perspective
Lee Gilbert
pp: 356-357 — See abstract

The Use of Paperpots for Growing Revegetation Species
Randall H. Maloney
pp: 358-359 — See abstract

Side-Slit Cell Trays: The Ford Report
Adrian Ford
pp: 360-361 — See abstract

Rooting in Transgenic Peas
Jan E. Grant and Pauline A. Cooper
pp: 362-365 — See abstract

Advances In Micropropagation of Nothofagus alessandrii Espinoza, a Chilean Endangered Species
Peter Seemann and Andrés Zurita
pp: 366-370 — See abstract

Propagation of Eucalyptus grandis In Vitro
Nancy Cranshaw and Dale R. Smith
pp: 371-375 — See abstract

Horticultural Use of the Genetic Variation of New Zealand and Australian Teatrees
Warwick Harris
pp: 376-383 — See abstract

Blue Mountain Azaleas
Denis Hughes
pp: 384-386 — See abstract

Learning To Identify Plants
Bronwyn Nichols
pp: 387-388 — See abstract

Sphagnum Moss Production: Experience from Environmental Room Trials to Compare Growth of Two Species of Sphagnum Moss
P.E. Smale, M.A. Nelson, P.A. Alspach and E.A. Halligan
pp: 389-392 — See abstract

Threatened Species and Their Recovery: The Challenges or the Art of Intelligent Tinkering
David R. Given
pp: 393-395 — See abstract

A Review of Factors Affecting the Establishment of Magnolias in New Zealand
Michael B. Thomas, Roy A. Edwards and Mervyn I. Spurway
pp: 396-402 — See abstract

Alternative Pest Management At The Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Andrew Hodge
pp: 403-404 — See abstract

Direct Cover, Economical Control
Brian W. Frost
pp: 405 — See abstract

The Propagation of Hydrangea paniculata with the Use of a Misting System
Rachel Vogan
pp: 406-407 — See abstract

Perilla: Production in Japan and Potential for New Zealand
J.M. Follett
pp: 408-410 — See abstract

Propagation of Chilean Native Plants with Ornamental Value
Peter Seemann
pp: 411-417 — See abstract

Soil Recycling, the Odering Way
Ray Lawson
pp: 418 — See abstract

The Latest In Plant Variety Rights: Part I
Bill Whitmore
pp: 419-420 — See abstract

The Latest In Plant Variety Rights: Part II
Chris Barnaby
pp: 421-424 — See abstract

Deb Donahoe
pp: 425 — See abstract

Mike Johnson
pp: 426 — See abstract

David Beattie
pp: 427 — See abstract

Tim Brotzman
pp: 427 — See abstract

Alan Jones
pp: 428 — See abstract

Peter Orum
pp: 428 — See abstract

Putting Roots on Shrub Roses
Mike Hoffman
pp: 429-430 — See abstract

The Propagation of Hardy, Woody Plants from Root Cuttings: A Review
Peter Del Tredici
pp: 431-439 — See abstract

Putting Roots on Plants Economically
Roy Daum
pp: 440-441 — See abstract

Research Update on Tissue Proliferation
Brian K. Maynard
pp: 442-446 — See abstract

Shrub Rose Breeding and Evaluation at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Kathy Zuzek and Harold Pellett
pp: 447-449 — See abstract

The Effect of Growth Regulators on Growth and Overwinter Survival of Rooted Cuttings
Anna Perkins and Nina Bassuk
pp: 450-458 — See abstract

Use of Paclobutrazol to Regulate Flower Bud Initiation and Stem Elongation in Rhododendron catawbiense ‘Boursault’
Paul C. Larson
pp: 459-463 — See abstract

Grafting on Bare–Root Stock of Small Standard Trees
Dave Bakker
pp: 464-465 — See abstract

Aseptic Germination of Trillium erectum and Trillium grandiflorum Seed
Ian E.M. Donovan
pp: 466-468 — See abstract

Grafting on Roots
Joerg Leiss
pp: 469-471 — See abstract

Vegetative Propagation of Rare and Unusual Conifers: An Alternative Approach
Kim E. Tripp
pp: 472-476 — See abstract

Propagation of Hinoki Cypress Cultivars
Ronald St. Jean
pp: 477-478 — See abstract

Fasciation in Plants
Robert L. Geneve
pp: 479-482 — See abstract

Inexpensive IBA Root-Promoting Solutions
Calvin Chong and Bob Hamersma
pp: 483-487 — See abstract

Plug Production of Bedding Plants within a Nursery Production Program
Craig B. Colley
pp: 488-492 — See abstract

Germinating Difficult Herbaceous Perennial Seeds
Brian J. McGowan
pp: 493-494 — See abstract

Propagation and Production of Wildflower
Heather McCargo
pp: 495-497 — See abstract

New Perennials to Propagate
Pierre Bennerup
pp: 498 — See abstract

Propagation of Daphne ×burkwoodii ‘Carol Mackie’
John Padua
pp: 499-500 — See abstract

Pesky Problem with Propagation of Acer palmatum: Pseudomonas
Nancy Jo Vermeulen
pp: 501 — See abstract

Rooting Lilacs from Softwood Cuttings
C. Peter Nickerson
pp: 502 — See abstract

Propagation of Hydrangeas at Half Hollow Nursery
Bruce L. Amundsen
pp: 503-505 — See abstract

Korean Stewartia Propagation
Robert J. Gouveia
pp: 506-507 — See abstract

Grafting Trifoliate Maples
Joy Sprinkle and Rob Nicholson
pp: 508-512 — See abstract

New and Unusual Plants Worthy of Use and Propagation
H. William Barnes
pp: 513-516 — See abstract

Seed Propagation: Stacking the Deck in Your Favor
Richard H. Munson
pp: 517-518 — See abstract

Mist Propagation of Perennials Using Side or Lateral Shoots
Tom Kimmel
pp: 519 — See abstract

Question Box
Ralph Shugert and Steve McCulloch
pp: 520-522 — See abstract

New Plant Forum
Jack Alexander
pp: 523-528 — See abstract

POSTER SESSIONS Daylilies Worthy of Commercial Production
Darrel Apps
pp: 529-531 — See abstract

Effect of Microwave Treatments on the Germination of Seeds
H. William Barnes
pp: 532-533 — See abstract

An Aid to Plant Propagation and More
Carlo Belgiorno
pp: 534 — See abstract

Propagation of Allegheny Pachysandra by Divisions and Root Cuttings
Timothy C. Brotzman
pp: 535 — See abstract

Environmentally Friendly Nursery Production Practices
Calvin Chong and Bob Hamersma
pp: 536-537 — See abstract

Black Vine Weevil
Richard S. Cowles
pp: 538-539 — See abstract

The Impact of Flowers on Adventitious Root Formation in Chrysanthemum Cuttings
Carrie DeVier and Robert L. Geneve
pp: 540 — See abstract

Lagerstedt Hot Callusing Pipe
Don Cross
pp: 541-542 — See abstract

Flowering of Rhododendron and Kalmia in Response to Application Date of Bonzi or Sumagic
Martin P.N. Gent
pp: 543-545 — See abstract

The Propagation of Rose Stem Cuttings in Three Propagation Media
Tammy Hoag and David Schmidt
pp: 546-549 — See abstract

Rooting Procedures for Alstroemeria Divisions and Micropropagated Cuttings
Virginia M. Keith and Mark P. Bridgen
pp: 550-551 — See abstract

The Role of Micropropagation in the Incidence of Tissue Proliferation in Rhododendron ‘Montego’
Richard Kiyomoto and Mark Brand
pp: 552-553 — See abstract

Utilizing Band Pots For Herbaceous Plant Production
Michael Kolaczewski
pp: 554-555 — See abstract

"To Seek and to Share" … Founding a New I.P.P.S. Region
Peter Orum
pp: 556 — See abstract

Rooting Response of Microcuttings of Hybrid Dogwood
Deborah D. McCown and Andrew J. Daun
pp: 557-558 — See abstract

Low-Tech Fern Propagation
Richard H. Munson
pp: 559 — See abstract

Propagation of Summer Blooming Azaleas
Christopher S. Rogers
pp: 560 — See abstract

Control of Root Outgrowth by Copper Hydroxide in Capillary Mat Plug Production
Myra Stafford, Robert L. Geneve and Jack W. Buxton
pp: 561-565 — See abstract

New Concepts in Improving Ornamental Plant Adaptability with Stress-Tolerant Rootstocks
J.C. Raulston
pp: 566-569 — See abstract

Fate of Herbicides in Container Nursery Runoff
Ted Whitwell, Jeanne A. Briggs, M.B. Riley and N.D. Camper
pp: 570-573 — See abstract

Irrigation Tailwater Regulations in the 1990s
Mark W. Andrews
pp: 574-576 — See abstract

Compatibility of Worker Protection Standards and Integrated Pest Management Strategies
Raymond D. French
pp: 577-579 — See abstract

Fall Fertilization of Nursery Crops
Ronald F. Walden
pp: 580-581 — See abstract

Application of Israeli Low-Volume Irrigation Technology
J. Kevin Parris
pp: 582-583 — See abstract

Unique Bottom-Heat System for Propagation of Ornamentals
Marla Townsend
pp: 584-586 — See abstract

The Controversy Continues: Comparisons of Propagation Techniques of Magnolia grandiflora
Pat McCracken
pp: 587-590 — See abstract

Propagation of Magnolia grandiflora Cultivars
Robert H. Head
pp: 591-593 — See abstract

The Importance of Propagation to a New Nursery
Jeff C. Adcock
pp: 594-597 — See abstract

Death, Taxes, and Weeds
Stuart L. Warren
pp: 598-604 — See abstract

Benzyladenine-Induced Offset Formation in Hosta Dependent on Cultivar
James M. Garner, Gary J. Keever, D. Joseph Eakes and J. Raymond Kessler
pp: 605-610 — See abstract

Timing and Potassium Indole-3-Butyric Acid Treatments on Rooting Stem Cuttings of Cephalotaxus harringtonia
Andrea L. Southworth and Michael A. Dirr
pp: 611-614 — See abstract

Field Production of Cornus Cultivars
Don O. Shadow
pp: 615-616 — See abstract

Marketing Wetland Natives and Endangered Plants Under Federal and State Permitting Regulations
Robert B. McCartney
pp: 617-619 — See abstract

Plants With Commercial Promise
J.C. Raulston
pp: 620-624 — See abstract

A Message of Congratulations on the 2nd Annual Conference of IPPS Japan Potential Region
S. Tsumura
pp: 625 — See abstract

Drawing a Picture on the Earth
T. Watanabe
pp: 625 — See abstract

Environmental Control in Plug Production
Yoshiaki Kitaya
pp: 626 — See abstract

Cultivar Differences in Shoot Proliferation and Rooting of Japanese Plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.)
Hisashi Harada and Yasuhiro Murai
pp: 627-630 — See abstract

Cultivar Differences in Shoot Proliferation and Rooting of Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) in Vitro
Y. Murai, H. Harada and Y. Yamaji
pp: 631-633 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Venus Fly-Trap (Dionaea muscipula Ellis)
T. Yamamoto, T. Shiba and M. Horikawa
pp: 634-637 — See abstract

Diurnal Changes of the Net Photosynthetic Rate and Evapotranspiration Rate of Plug Sheets in the Glasshouse
T. Shibuya, Y. Kitaya, T. Kozai and M. Nakahara
pp: 638-640 — See abstract

The Production of Ground-Cover Plants
Shigetoshi Sekiya
pp: 641 — See abstract

Container Culture for Oak-Tree Production from Seed
Masakatsu Morita
pp: 642 — See abstract

Changes in the Root Systems of Trees in Container Production
Shouzou Watanabe
pp: 643 — See abstract

Horticultural Production in New Zealand
Peter Waugh
pp: 643 — See abstract

Growing and Flowering of in vitro Propagated Lilium japonicum Thunb.
Hironori Ohba, Masahiko Yano and Hirokazu Fukui
pp: 644-651 — See abstract

Productivity of Micropropagated Plants and Rooted Cutting Grafts of Rose cv. Madame Violet in Rockwool Culture
Hirokazu Fukui
pp: 652-655 — See abstract

Photoautotrophic micropropagation of Cymbidium: Effects of CO2 Concentration, Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density and Sucrose Concentration on Plantlet Growth
J.W. Heo, C. Kubota, T. Kozai and Y. Kitaya
pp: 656-659 — See abstract

Mass Propagation and Distribution of Rhododendron
Tadao Fujimori and Tomio Nishimura
pp: 660 — See abstract

Use of PeSp Seedlings in Production of Fruit Vegetables
T. Yamamoto, Y. Onodera and S. Yasuari
pp: 660 — See abstract

Micropropagation of Mulberry (Morus alba L.) by Liquid-Shake Culture of Multiple-Bud Bodies
Seibi Oka
pp: 661-664 — See abstract

Accumulation of Benzyladenine in Green Globular Bodies in a Micropropagation System for Pteris ensiformis
W. Amaki, H. Higuchi, Y. Kanda, Y. Niimi and Y. Hayata
pp: 665-667 — See abstract

The Propagation of Virus-free Sweet Potato Cuttings by Hydroponics in Miyazaki Prefecture
Hiroki Ohta, Kazuya Bekki and Toyofumi Shimizu
pp: 668 — See abstract

Some Observations on the Breeding of Japanese Camellias
Akin Nagatomo
pp: 669 — See abstract

Introducing Genes into Zygopetalum by the Use of a Particle Gun
Saburo Yasugi and Ryutaro Nagata
pp: 670-675 — See abstract

Trial of Half-Cotyledon Selection Scheme Aided by Tissue Culture for the Acceleration of Tea Breeding
S. Yamaguchi and J.I. Tanaka
pp: 676 — See abstract

Effects of an Anti-Auxin-Like Substance Containing Fluorines and Chlorinated Indole Auxin on the Seed and Vegetative Propagation of Two Turf Species
H. Gemma, J-M. Du and M. Takemura
pp: 677-680 — See abstract

Flower Production by Japanese in Brazil
Masanobu Arai
pp: 681 — See abstract

Gardening in New Zealand
Jo Dawkins
pp: 681 — See abstract

Propagation of Roses and Transition of Nursery Management
Takashi Onishi
pp: 682 — See abstract

Ornamental Horticulture in Australia, the Propagators Role
E.J. Bunker
pp: 683 — See abstract

Setting up a Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
Lynley Watson
pp: 684 — See abstract

Propagation and Production of Zantedeschia Tubers for Export
T.E. Welsh and B.L. McKenzie
pp: 685-686 — See abstract

Propagation of Camellia japonica in Horticultural Rockwool
Ralph Scott
pp: 687-688 — See abstract

Juvenility and Rooting Potential on the Stem Cuttings of Pyrus betulaefolia
H. Gemma
pp: 689 — See abstract

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