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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Propagation of Persoonia Species by Seeds and Cuttings

Lynda M. Ketelhohn, Margaret E. Johnston and Jim Gage

pp: 72-76


Several species from the genus Persoonia have been noted for their horticultural potential (Wrigley and Fagg, 1989), either as a floricultural or an ornamental crop. The genus belongs to the Proteaceae family. There are approximately 72 species ofPersoonia, all endemic to Australia exceptP. toru, which is found in New Zealand (Closs and Orchard, 1985).

The flowers and foliage of P. virgata, a species in south-east Queensland, are currently bush-picked and sold on the domestic market. Being an evergreen shrub that flowers year round, this filler has the potential to supply both the domestic and export markets continuously. However, as the propagation of this species has not been resolved, it cannot be cultivated. This limits the export potential of this product due to the fact that there is no guarantee of continuity of supply, uniformity, or quality of the product.

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