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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Welcoming Remarks to Latin American I.P.P.S. Members Invited to Attend the Western Region Annual Meeting

James L. Booman

pp: 263

Two years ago the Western Region began to recruit membership in Latin America. We have flown some of the fresh fruit of this effort here to meet with you today.

All our guests will be giving presentations during the conference and will be meeting with the Latin America Expansion Committee to firm up plans for I.P.P.S. meetings in Costa Rica and Argentina during 1995 and 1996. Watch for details and plan to attend one of our first I.P.P.S. meetings ever held in Latin America.

Please make an effort to greet each of our guests and get to know them. Perhaps you can share an idea or two about what you have found to be valuable about I.P.P.S. membership. This may help them as they return to their own countries and try to start I.P.P.S. activities there.

It is my pleasure to introduce three I.P.P.S. members from Latin America. To help us appreciate their diverse homeland, we asked each to share a taste of music and a scene from their country. From Mexico, please welcome Daniel

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