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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Expanding Flower Colour Variation in Gladiolus Through Mutation Breeding and Tissue Culture

M. Kasumi, H. Tomotsune, Y. Takatsu, F. Sakuma and S. Iida

pp: 230

To expand flower colour variation in Gladiolus mutation breeding using gamma radiation was adopted. By using radiation with a strength of 100 GY on bulbuls of Gladiolus, six times more colour variation was observed. All variants showed pink or white chimeric features in their flower stalks. The ovaries of chimeric plants were cultured in vitro on an agar medium with NAA and BAP added. After callus induction, they were transferred to a regeneration medium, supplemented with BAP (Fig. 1). Uniform flower colour was achieved by regeneration of ovary callus from chimeric parts (Fig. 2).

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