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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

The Latest Environmental Restrictions on Nursery Production in Germany: Is Nursery Production Still Possible?

Jan-Dieter Bruns

pp: 138-141


In Germany there are approximately 4000 nursery companies; 1500 of them are members of the Federation Bund Deutscher Baumschulen or BdB. The total area in production is approximately 25,000 ha. The production volume is worth 1.5 billion marks (1994), making Germany the biggest producer of nursery stock in Europe. Production is scattered throughout the country but there are three centres.

  1. The district of Pinneberg in Hamburg, with 300 nurseries and 2200 ha of land.
  2. The Ammerland, also with about 300 nurseries and more than 2000 ha of land.
  3. The Rheinland, with 150 nurseries and 1300 ha of land.

In these three areas some 50% of the total plant production in Germany is concentrated. This is partly a result of very long nursery tradition but mainly because of the perfect climate and the excellent soil. It is primarily in these areas with highly concentrated nursery production that we are having most of the problems with environmental restrictions.

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