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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Pest and Disease Management in Plant Propagation

Deo Singh

pp: 107


Diseases are a major constraint in the propagation of certain crop species. Losses have been so high that it was uneconomic to propagate some popular lines. With all the modern pesticides, technologies, and expertise, the problem has not been eliminated. But with an integrated approach, losses have been successfully reduced to non-significant levels in a number of crop species.

The actual crop loss due to pests and disease is difficult to estimate in the nursery situation. The high number of varieties propagated by cuttings vary in susceptibility to the endemic pests and diseases. In order to minimise losses, recognition of the value of maintaining strict hygiene procedures during all stages of taking and rooting cuttings must be made. It is easier to prevent attack by disease organisms than to try to stop their progress once established. From a disease attack where hundreds of thousands of cuttings are involved, losses can be considerable. Efforts to conduct propagation

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