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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Something There

Denny Blew

pp: 538-541


Around 1450, long prior to the voyages of Columbus, Portuguese sailors were sent westward by their king to see what lied beyond the Atlantic horizon. According to ship's logs, they sailed out about a hundred miles. Then they returned and pronounced their judgment "nothing there." Of course the king and everyone knew this to be the case anyway, and it would be 40 years before this assumption would again be challenged.

Unfortunately, their tragic mistake didn't die with them. In our search for new marketing territory, we too, make abbreviated voyages of discovery, turn back, and pronounce "nothing there."

Today we live in a world that demands a global perspective. The popular country-western star, Joe Diffe eludes to global perspective when he sings: "Welcome to the earth: third rock from the sun." What we earthlings often fail to do (and I am as guilty as the next earthling) is to venture a bit farther, to try an alternative direction, to believe that if infinity lies ahead

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