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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Why Some Native Plants Aren't Mainstream … Yet

Richard E. Bir

pp: 522-525


To generate abundant nursery sales a plant must fulfill certain requirements. Among these are that it should have market appeal from superior flowers, foliage, fruit and/or form. It has also been suggested that the plant should be attractive in spring when most plant sales occur. For retail sales, eye appeal seems more important than disease or insect resistance. In fact, if the plant can be marketed while in flower certain other characteristics, such as tolerating widely varying landscape conditions, may not be as rigorously questioned (Raulston, 1990).

For nurserymen, at least one other requirement must be met—it must be possible to produce the plant profitably. This usually means that propagation problems have been solved. In addition, growth must be rapid enough that the plant can be brought to the undervalued North American landscape plant market at a low enough price to attract sales as well as profit potential for both the wholesaler and retailer.

If a plant is

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