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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Quality Control Through Liner Improvement

Ben F. Davis II and Brian Chojnacki

pp: 480-482

Evaluation of Programs to Improve Quality. In 1992, American Nursery Products, Inc. began work on several programs to make much needed improvements in the quality of the plants that the company produced at its Oklahoma and Alabama nurseries. In addition, the timing of maturity of some crops needed to be changed so that plants reached marketable size at the time when our customers wanted them. In many cases, plants needed a flush of growth in the spring to be of salable quality, which would not normally occur until after the spring shipping season was largely finished. Since quality starts with liner production, we began new programs on several fronts to improve liner quality and crop timing.

Production of 1-Gal Conifers. This paper deals with one particular aspect of our quality improvement program, the production of 1-gal conifers of various Juniperus and Thuja species. This program was initiated simultaneously at our nurseries in Cherokee County, Alabama, and in Cherokee County,

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