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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Enhanced Propagation of Viviparous Water Lilies

Michael E. Kane

pp: 461-465


The market for water garden plants has recently become one of the fastest growing facets of environmental horticulture. The most popular flowering water garden plants include species and hybrids of both tropical and temperate (hardy) water lilies (Nymphaea). Reliance on inefficient vegetative propagation techniques, requirements for large production space, and extended time periods to produce a salable plant limit the producers' ability to rapidly adjust to changes in market demand. Consequently, demand for specific water lily cultivars, particularly new introductions, can exceed growers#39; production capacity. Unlike other horticultural crops, information on the specific cultural requirements for efficient nursery production of water garden plants is lacking (Kelley and Frett, 1986; Brumback, 1990).

Clearly, more efficient propagation techniques for water garden plant production, including use of micropropagation techniques, are needed to enable aquatic plant nurseries to

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