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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

The Role of Botanical Gardens in the Green Decade

Chris Graham

pp: 405-408

Botanical Gardens are generally not well understood places. While most everyone would know that they have something to do with plants, few would know what is done and why. Perhaps this is because over the past four centuries the term has, at times somewhat cavalierly, been used to describe a broad spectrum of public and private institutions. At one end are the classic botanical gardens like Kew, Missouri, Sydney, New York, and Berlin with clearly defined missions, policies, and programmes. At the opposite extremity are a host of gardens which may be superb ornamentally, but which are devoid of any meaningful scientific or educational programming, and often lack even basic plant documentation and labelling systems. The legitimacy of the latter could be argued, but since there are no enforceable rules governing what can or cannot be called a botanical garden, such discussions are probably best left to coffee or cocktail time. Even among the acknowledged great botanical gardens there are

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