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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 44

Waste Management in Horticulture—The Global Perspective

Anthony (Tony) G. Biggs

pp: 41-44


Waste management could easily be the most significant issue confronting world horticulture by the year 2000. Some countries are already addressing the problems of pollution of waterways, leaching of nutrients, and recycling of packaging materials, but there will be increasing pressures for horticulturists to manage all the waste from production systems.

Society is demanding that the responsibility for disposing of waste must lie with those who create it and that waste products must not be dumped into the environment.

Words which are sometimes interchangeable with "waste" include "refuse","superfluous", "rejected", and "worn out". Waste products can be defined as "materials produced or used in a process, that are discarded during or on the completion of that process."

This paper reviews some of the horticultural waste problems around the world and indicates strategies in use or being developed to address the problems.

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