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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 41

How to be Market-Driven

Jheri Ketcham

pp: 191-195

Marketing is in the news. We read about it, hear about it—everywhere we turn we're told about the virtues of marketing: How marketing can be the key to our business' success; that the nursery industry will continue to thrive if we all get down to the business of marketing; That without marketing there would be no market; And a product without a market is like an airplane without wings—it won't fly.

I don't disagree, the logic is sound, but what we fail to hear or understand, is how? What does marketing consist of? Where do you begin? How can you practically implement marketing without spending a fortune. What can you, as nursery owners and managers, do to assure a market is ready and willing when you're ready to sell.

You do this by becoming market-driven. By letting the market be your guide, your road map to your business decisions. By setting your antenna on your market and letting them shape your business. This does not mean printing a bigger and better catalog or hiring another sales

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