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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 41

Specialization—Is This the Future?

Peter Catt

pp: 169-170

When I first started Liss Forest Nursery I thought that my future lay in specialization and I had to convince my business partner that I was right. My partner was the finance and I was the production. This was way back in 1970 and my chosen subject was rhododendrons. My intention was to grow species, hybrids and the dwarfs together with the Japanese azaleas Liss Forest Nursery had not long been in existence before I realized that my ideas were not right for me. There were two reasons for this. Firstly I like growing most plants and secondly came the problem of the economics of distribution. Had I not changed my mind, then a third reason would have been cash-flow. Therefore I changed my idea of specialization in rhododendrons to one of growing mainly ericacious plants. This gave me the opportunity to grow the forms of Erica and Calluna, Pernettya and Gaultheria etc., of which I was very fond. I soon widened the range still further when offered cuttings of Camellia, Eucryphia, Magnolia,

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