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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 39


Mark L. Richey

pp: 502-506

Probably one of the most difficult areas in nursery work is the area of accounting. We would rather be out in the nursery or greenhouse doing something productive than sitting at a desk making notes or filling out records forms. Of course, all of us have perfect memories and remember the context in which a decision was made several years after the fact. It is with this sarcasm in mind that I approach the subject of record keeping and costing variables.

I look back over the years at Zelenka Nursery and see how propagation has evolved. Think for a moment about your experiences. Some are pleasurable moments that give you great satisfaction, while others still give you a twinge in the pit of your stomach over how a project turned sour. What did you learn from those experiences? I was told when I first started propagating that I would learn propagation by killing cuttings. However, I also understood that when I did kill cuttings, I would not do it again the same way!

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