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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 36


Clayton W. Fuller

pp: 515-518

Air movement or circulation is certainly not new to the greenhouse or nursery industry. There are many ways in which we have succeeded in doing this over the years: by opening vents, use of fans to pull air through, fan jet convectors with the punched poly tube and duct fans to create a horizontal air flow.

Horizontal air flow, or HAF, is the topic of my subject today. What exactly is HAF? It is simply air circulating horizontally in a column around the house. Fans located on opposite sides of the house provide a gentle but continuous circulation which mixes the air from top to bottom in the structure. We have used HAF in our growing houses since the advent of double poly during the energy crisis. Double poly sealed our houses so tight we found there was no natural air movement. Many articles have been written over the years about HAF in growing houses, so we will move on to cold storage houses.

Why would we want to install HAF in these structures? Are there advantages or maybe

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