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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 35


Bruce Briggs and Charles Parkerson

pp: 269-273

QUESTION: What time of year is best to take cuttings of Colorado blue spruce?

DICK BUSH: We take current season's growth - one year old growth - taken in February. If they still are not rooted by mid-summer, we put them in a coldframe and they root in the fall.

QUESTION: What is the advantage of a rooted conifer cutting over a grafted conifer?

VERL HOLDEN? A grafted conifer might break off in a strong wind. I would much rather have conifer on its own roots.

QUESTION: How do you get cutting-grown conifers to grow straight?

VERL HOLDEN: I believe they will naturally grow straight and they are very uniform. Terminal dominance starts earlier with the cuttings, but this can vary with the cultivar.

MICHAEL SMITH: With redwoods and podocarpus, by proper pruning and staking we can easily establish dominance of a leader

QUESTION: How do you determine the best time to begin budding in fruit trees?

DICK SNYDER: Whent the bark "slips" well - toward the end of July (in Wenatchee

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