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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 30


Francis R. Gouin

pp: 301-305

Polyethylene film covered propagating chambers have been demonstrated to be effective for rooting cuttings of many species of woody ornamentals (1). These chambers can easily be constructed within existing greenhouses, and when filled to capacity with cuttings, will maintain near 100% humidity with minimum care.

Nurserymen have long recognized the advantages of direct sticking cuttings into individual containers. In addition to saving time, cuttings rooted by direct sticking grow faster and losses from transplanting are eliminated. Plants from direct stuck rooted cuttings develop faster because their roots are never disturbed. However, direct sticking requires 5 to 50 times more space than conventional high-density-sticking methods. The amount of additional space depends on the size of containers being used.

Nurserymen in southern regions have made extensive use of direct sticking because of their longer growing seasons and milder winters, while growers in colder regions must rely on

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