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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 30


Richard A. Schnall

pp: 518-519

The production of azaleas requires that the apical growing points of the plants be periodically removed during the growing season. This removal induces side branching and produces a well-branched, higher quality plant.

Manual removal is a labor-consuming and costly process. The use of shears to speed up the process often results in neglecting to pinch apical tips occurring below the shearing level. These shoots then grow, and the result is a poorly shaped plant.

Various chemical pinching agents have been developed to replace manual methods this paper compares two of these chemicals.

Off-Shoot-O Off-Shoot-O (2) (methyl) ester of fatty acids, Proctor & Gamble) was the first commercial pinching agent for azaleas. It was originally used in tobacco production. When the chemical is sprayed in azaleas, it selectively destroys unexpanded leaves and shoot tips. Branching occurs since lower buds then develop. There must be physical contact between the chemical spray and the shoot tips because the chemical is

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