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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 30


E.F. Dubose

pp: 502-504

This wholesale nursery is composed of 10 acres of land on which we have coldframe-hotbed combinations. We have our stock-blocks to furnish wood for evergreen and deciduous liners in addition to ground covers. Propagating beds are mostly 6 ft by 15 ft, covered with 3 ft by 6 ft hotbed sash. Frames are made from 2 inch by 12 inch by 16 ft pressurized-treated lumber. Frames are set about 6 inches in the ground, sloping to the south, and carved out beyond 6 inches to an average total depth of 18 in. To this we add 6 or 7 in. of coarse sand and 6 cubic ft of peat the first year we use the bed. We add 3 cubic ft of peat each year thereafter.

This nursery was first certified by the state in 1934. At that time I didn't see anything like a mist system around. We watered with a 3– or 4-inch sprinkler heads on a regular hose and still do. A mist system is not appropriate as the beds would soon have to mush water. Since our frames are partly in the ground there is no way for the water to drain.

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