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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 30


Bryson L James

pp: 473-474


Motherhood, apple pie, and mist propagation — guess which isn't sacred? Since misting revolutionized the propagation of softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings, innovators have devised many types of control systems trying to perfect misting cycles to fit virtually every situation. Seldom do we see any two propagators using exactly the same system, nor should they, because water sources, media differences, geographic location, plant species and many, many other variables dictate unique systems.

After many years of trying to help growers perfect their misting systems, we finally decided that mist wasn't sacred. As a result we stumbled onto a system without mist that you may want to try. It eliminates the major problem propagators encounter when using many misting systems; i.e., too much water. Also, concerns about power failure, clogged nozzles, iron and/or other solids deposits on leaves, nutrient leaching, and variable weather are eliminated.

Preventing moisture loss from the

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