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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

IPPS Volume 3                 (published in 1953)

Some Facts and Theories Concerning Compatibility In Relation to Plant Propagation
Roger U. Swingle
pp: 23-35 — See abstract

Budding the American Elm
William Flemer III
pp: 36-38 — See abstract

The Propagation of Honey Locust by Summer Budding
Jack Siebenthaler
pp: 39-40 — See abstract

Nicolieren, a New Method of Grafting*
P. Nicolin
pp: 41-43 — See abstract

Some Experiences in Rooting Philadelphus coranarius aureus Cuttings in Ohio
John Bos
pp: 44-45 — See abstract

Propagation of Difficult Plants in a Plastic Case
Roger G. Coggeshall
pp: 46-47 — See abstract

Propagation of Ilex cornuta Burfordi
John B. Roller
pp: 48-50 — See abstract

The Phytotektor Method of Rooting Cuttings
H.M. Templeton
pp: 51-55 — See abstract

A Simple and Inexpensive Time Clock for Regulating Mist in Plant Propagation Procedures
Charles E. Hess and William E. Snyder
pp: 56-60 — See abstract

The Response of Rooted Cuttings of Ilex opaca to Overhead Irrigation in a Lath House1
Roger W. Pease
pp: 61-66 — See abstract

The Fundamentals of Juniper Propagation
William E. Snyder
pp: 67-80 — See abstract

The Propagation Of Junipers From Cuttings
Pieter G. Zorg
pp: 81-85 — See abstract

Juniper Grafting—Practical and Technical Aspects
J.B. Hill
pp: 86-97 — See abstract

Recorded Work On The Propagation Of Magnolias—A Review
R.P. Meahl
pp: 98-104 — See abstract

The Propagation Of Magnolias By Seed
pp: 105-107 — See abstract

Propagation of Oriental Magnolias from Soft-Wood Cuttings
Tom Dodd Jr
pp: 108-112 — See abstract

Magnolias From Grafts
Charles Hess
pp: 113-119 — See abstract

The Fundamentals of Propagating Deciduous Shrubs By Hardwood Cuttings
L.C. Chadwick
pp: 120-132 — See abstract

Hardwood Cuttings of Deciduous Shrubs
Louis C. Vanderbrook
pp: 133-139 — See abstract

Principles of Rooting Softwood Cuttings of Deciduous Shrubs1
J.P. Mahlstede
pp: 140-150 — See abstract

Shrubs from Softwood Cuttings
Leslie Hancock
pp: 151-164 — See abstract

Root Inducing Substances
H.F. Harp
pp: 165-169 — See abstract

Recent Advances in Research That May Be Applied to Horticultural Problems
S.L. Emsweller
pp: 170 — See abstract

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