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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 3

The Propagation of Honey Locust by Summer Budding

Jack Siebenthaler

pp: 39-40

We select our seed in the fall when the pods are ripe and beginning to fall. We have no established practice for selection of seeds. We do secure a large number of seed each year and, as was the case this year, many of the seeds are not good. We try to get enough good seed so that we will have an ample supply of our own seedlings. We have found that we get the quickest cleaning by running the seed through a mascerator.

We sow the seed either in the fall or early spring. We have done it at both times and with good success either way. I think fall sowing in our particular location is satisfactory.

We dig the seedlings in the fall after one year of growth and store them over-winter outside. We don't attempt to store them in controlled refrigerated storage. We heel-in the seedlings in sand so they are readily available for spring planting. We grade them before heeling them in so that there will not be added delay when planting time arrives. The seedlings are planted in the early spring

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