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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 3

Principles of Rooting Softwood Cuttings of Deciduous Shrubs1

J.P. Mahlstede

pp: 140-150

A knowledge of the various physiological and anatomical conditions which exist at the time of collection and which are concerned with the process of root development, in any cutting type will, in time, result not only in increased stands, but also in the more efficient operation of the propagation end of the nursery business.

This presentation has been divided into two parts; one, which discusses the literature which may be applied to softwood cuttings in general, and another which summarizes this material as it is related to softwood propagation under constant mist. Each of these topics, in turn is divided into a number of sections which present the appropriate data in a logical sequence, progressing from the selection of propagating wood, through cutting preparation and rooting.

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