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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 3

Some Facts and Theories Concerning Compatibility In Relation to Plant Propagation

Roger U. Swingle

pp: 23-35

The essential role of compatibility in plant propagation by graftage and seed production has been recognized for many years. Its importance is reflected by the numerous reports in plant science literature on incompatibilities or uncongenialities and their effects on plant production and utilization. It has been possible for me to review only a very small part of the literature dealing with this subject but I have attempted to include more recently published reviews and articles in order that some of the basic aspects of incompatibility could be presented.

Incompatibility as applied to aspects of plant propagation has been variously defined. The term itself means "not capable of coexistence in harmony," "lacking affinity," "intolerant" or "antagonistic." Argle (1), in his review of literature on graft incompatibility, considers it to be an inherent antagonism between certain stocks and scions, the cause or causes of failure or abnormalities arising out of the nature of the two plants. He

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