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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 29


Tom Wood

pp: 54-58


Among United Kingdom nurserymen there is an increasing awareness in the need for specialization in the containerized market for Garden Centres, which is particularly attractive to marketing groups, and the awareness of the need for purpose-grown stock particularly smaller feathered trees, potted shrubs, and herbaceous plants.

Specialist producers are now concentrating either on landscaping and its plant requirements, high quality choice or upmarket plants for the plant enthusiast, heavy standards and larger specimens for local authorities and, in particular, indigenous trees and shrubs which are used in considerable quantities for conservation and the landscaping of industrial developments and roadworks. It is in this last specialist need that we have developed our production technique and it is by relating our own experiences to meet this need that I hope to convey something of our own particular part in nursery production in England. Our development is very closely

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