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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 29


Bart Schutzman

pp: 131-133

Problems in germinating the seed of many species of xerophytic plants (representing the Cactaceae and other plant families) have been noted; possible explanations for these include initially low or rapidly declining viability, mechanical resistance of seed coats to imbibition or subsequent emergence of the seedling, or chemically caused dormancies, among which are inhibitors in seed coats or in embryos.

Seeds of 14 species of xerophytic, succulent plants representing the Cactaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Passifloraceae and Vitaceae were given combinations of various pre-treatments including the following:

  1. 24-hour soak in 200 ppm gibberellic acid solution
  2. 3-minute soak in 0.1% thiourea solution
  3. hot water soak
  4. mechanical scarification
  5. leaching for 24–36 hours

Also used was a post-planting treatment, namely complete darkness surrounding the seed flats during the germination period.

The seeds were planted using randomized complete block design and germination was monitored. No

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