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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 27


J.M. Rumbal

pp: 323-324

Hygiene in a propagation unit really begins with the stock plants. Duncan and Davies have extensive stock areas, about 20 acres. These require regular spraying and pruning to keep them in good order; propagation hygiene must start with clean healthy cutting material. A general spray programme, consisting of the following, is applied with a motor blower sprayer to all stock plants: 2-½ oz Lorsban insecticide, 6 oz Dithan M45 fungicide, 1-½ oz Topsin M fungicide. These are put into a 3 gal motor-blown sprayer.

Any specific pest of disease not controlled by this combination is picked up with routine checks and the following sprays are usually used to combat these: ¾ oz Plictran for mites; 3 oz Cuproxide + ½ oz Agrimycin for fungous diseases. All of these again in 3 gallons of water. This programme outlined controls most pests and diseases, but other controls are used for specific pests. Recently the nursery has undertaken the spraying of stock plants and nursery crops with a helicopter with

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