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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 24



pp: 187-188

Increased productivity and an opportunity to trace troubles are some of the benefits which can accrue from keeping nursery records. They depend on accurate labelling and up-to-date stock record.

Labels are of first importance. It is no good growing the plant unless you can sell it, and you cannot sell a plant without a label. In fact — no name — no value. Labels, therefore, deserve our consideration. Reviewing the suitability of the wider range of labelling materials available ten years ago, Dullforce, (1963) found nothing more durable than zinc and lead types, which are expensive both to purchase and prepare. As a temporary label, manila tags have served the nurseryman well for many years and, up to now, they have been the best choice for a label to attach to the tree or a batch of plants on lifting. When the plants reach their destination the labels may need to be replace by some more permanent means of identification. Unfortunately, "waterproof" manila is no longer obtainable, and

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