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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 24


M. Clift

pp: 130-133

Of all hardy plant crops grown in this country, probably few would argue that the genus Rhododendron must be one of the most valuable. In fact, some may even contend that it is the most valuable. In view of it's economic importance to the nursery industry of this country, one must comment in presenting this paper that as yet very little research work has been done on this unique genus of plants. One can only hope that this situation will be rectified before long. One of the few, to my knowledge, to have done any research work into rhododendrons was the late Dr. Henry Tod. He looked at three aspects: 1) chlorosis, 2) forms of calcium nutrients and 3) forms of nitrogen nutrients.

Chlorosis in the foliage was usually considered to be due to a deficiency of iron in the soil, induced by alkaline conditions. Dr. Tod collected many specimens from around the country of chlorotic foliage together with a sample of the soil in which the plant was growing. A high percentage were obtained from acid conditions

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