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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 24


Austin F. Kenyon

pp: 64-67

The propagation structures and techniques utilized at Greenleaf Nursery are based upon the concepts of being simple, functional and economical.

Propagation Facilities. The basic propagation structure is of a quonset-type construction that is 97' long, 12' wide, with two ground beds 5' 4" wide divided by a center walk 16" wide. The first, and certainly one of the most important, factors in utilizing ground beds for propagation, is the grading for drainage during construction. These beds should have a 12" vertical drop in the 97' length. Less than 12" vertical drop will not allow adequate drainage potential, and more than 12" vertical drop makes proper leveling of mist lines to avoid dripping very difficult. The beds are crowned to allow an 8" vertical drop from the center aisle to the outside edge of the quonset on both sides.

The basic construction and dimensions were dictated to utilize standard and readily available materials. The length was made 97' to utilize the standard 100' length

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