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Proceedings of the International Plant Propagator's Society

Vol. 24


William C. Barr

pp: 57-58

The major areas I will discuss concerning propagation activities at Monrovia Nursery are cuttings, budding, grafting, and fern propagation. The potting will be explained also.

Approximately 80% of our production is from cuttings. All of it is done in flats. We have a special crew whose sole job is collecting the cutting wood. About 90% of the cuttings come from the container material. The other 10% comes from plants we have planted on the banks as parent stock. There is about one person collecting cutting wood in the field every five persons making and sticking the cuttings. After taking the cutting material it is kept in walk-in coolers at 40°F until they are made. We usually make the cuttings within 3 days from the time of collection.

The basic propagation medium we use is 90% of ¼" perlite and 10% fine peatmoss. Calcium is added during mixing to provide sufficient amounts of this element for proper root growth. A flat is filling machine places the medium into the flats at the rate of

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